SWGoH Zeta Review: Hermit Yoda

SWGoH - Hermit Yoda

One of the newest characters in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Hermit Yoda first came available with the announcement of the addition of Territory Battles: Rebel Assault. Available in the Guild Events Store, Hermit Yoda is the first non-attacking character in SWGoH, instead healing and granting allies Turn Meter while also adding the unique buff Master’s Training.

SWGoH - Hermit YodaThe little green puppet that showed us the true power of the force, Hermit Yoda comes with two Zeta Abilities:

Strength Flows from the Force: All Allies have their current health percentages equalized, then all allies recover 20% Health and Protection and Jedi Allies gain Foresight for 2 Turns.

Do or Do Not: Whenever an ally with Masters training is defeated, Yoda gains 100% Turn Meter and resets all of his cool downs.

This review is going to focus on Strength Flows from the Force. In short, resetting cooldowns when an ally dies is a terrible use of a Zeta, if your team is dropping you are losing that fight anyway. Thus, resetting cooldowns does not matter much if the cooldowns did not need resetting. Considering they are a 3 / 4 reset for his two special abilities this Zeta might provide a minimal benefit when you are already losing a match, so I never applied it and I can’t see a reason it would be worth it unless you have more than you know what to do with.

This Zeta should really have been an Omega.


Hermit Yoda Zeta Review

Gameplay: Strength Flows from the force is an essential Zeta if you are planning to use Hermit Yoda. This zeta will work for you in any areas as the 20% protection recovery keeps all squad members going strong for a longer fight in Territory battles, territory Wars, Galactic war, and probably in Raids as well. (My Hermit Yoda is only 6* so I have not yet tried him in raids).

Squad Arena: My current Arena squad is General Kenobi, Barriss, Hermit Yoda, Commander Luke Skywalker, and Darth Nihilus. Most fights end with my team at or near full protection because of the constant healing of both Barriss and Hermit Yoda.

When used by a human, the Strength Flows from the Force ability is one I spam all the time, it does a lot of damage, and it helps reduce the cooldown for Nihilus as well as providing a dispel every time in the form of Nihilus basic. It also removes Plague and heals back a tremendous amount of protection. Most of these benefits are not coming from the zeta, but it does mean the zeta gets spammed a lot, and your protection stays high.

SWGoH - Zeta Materials

Raids: I cannot comment much right now, but I really think Hermit Yoda will have a place in raids because of his huge healing abilities, either under a General Kenobi lead or Admiral Ackbar lead, and all of the protection recover will be essential to that.

Territory Battles: Whatever team you put Hermit Yoda on will stand a much better chance of going the distance, and that will be entirely due to the Zeta on Strength Flows from the Force.

Territory Wars: I would save Hermit Yoda and this Zeta for an offensive slot. On defense, Hermit Yoda is one less character the other side has to kill, but on offense you know the Master’s Training is going to the correct spot.


How I Use Zeta Hermit Yoda: I use Hermit Yoda with the Zeta for Strength Flows from the Force in every aspect of the game except raids. Once I have him to 7* I am sure I will find a spot for him there as well. This is one Zeta I don’t have any trouble recommending.

My Rating of Zeta Hermit Yoda: Hermit Yoda is, in my opinion, one of the best characters in the game. Yes you give up one attacking slot, but his boost to everyone else more than compensates. Coupled with this Zeta your team really just does not die easily.  It is true though this Zeta is not necessary to use Hermit Yoda, and it does not make any aspect of the game trivial, its just a good all around Zeta, for that reason I give it a ranking of 6/10.


Images courtesy of SWGOH.gg

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