SWGoH GameChangers: Details for Rey’s Hero’s Journey & the Return of BB-8’s Pieces and Plans event

Rey Jedi Training - SWGoH

Check out our LIVE BLOG of the Rey’s Hero’s Journey event including the gear levels, mods, key stats and more as well as video of the event so you can see what you need!

The details for Rey’s Hero’s Journey are here – some of them. A topic that has been full of rumors and many really good theories, Rey’s Hero’s Journey is about to be the second of its kind in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Following the Luke’s Hero’s Journey which unlocked Commander Luke Skywalker, at 7-stars as the only option, Rey’s Hero’s Journey will mirror her expected teacher as players will look to unlock the newest character in SWGoH – Rey (Jedi Training). All of the details below are brought to you by our friends at TeeMinus24.com, makers of awesome Star Wars themed t-shirts & movie apparel.

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Even the greatest heroes can’t save the galaxy alone. Rey will need the help of her newfound friends and allies as she embarks upon a heroic mission in search of the missing Luke Skywalker. A more eclectic band of allies you’d be hard pressed to find, but their combined strength and cunning can overcome overwhelming odds.

You will need to have 7-star versions of each of the following characters to fully complete the Rey’s Hero’s Journey event:

Rey (Scavenger) – Shards found in Light Side Battles 2-A, Dark Side Battles 5-D, and 7-B
Finn – Shards found in Cantina Battle 3-E, 5-C and Light Side Battles 7-A
BB-8 – Shards found in “Pieces and Plans” – special event (event runs 12/8 – 12/16)
Veteran Smuggler Han Solo – Shards found in Cantina Battles 8-G
Veteran Smuggler Chewbacca – Shards found in Cantina Battles 8-F

If you complete the event you will unlock the brand-new Rey (Jedi Training) – available only at 7-stars.

The Rey’s Hero’s Journey event begins on December 15th in support of the theatrical release of Star Wars™: The Last Jedi™.

More info will be released on Rey (Jedi Training) here at Gaming-fans.com and with our fellow SWGoH GameChangers at the appropriate time.


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