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SWGoH Game Changers

Gaming-fans.com Director of Content LJ is one of a select few SWGoH GameChangers who will be making the trip this week to the EA Capital Games Studio in Sacramento, California. Wednesday kicks things off with travel plans for each of the GameChangers as many of us meet up for the first time in person despite months of working together. While we cannot release the dates of when we will be reporting to the community on the content we get to view, we will be sure to tell as much as we can about the newest item(s) coming to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.


Keep checking back for the latest updates, photos, videos and more from Gaming-fans.com and the other GameChangers in attendance.

Wednesday, February 21st

9:41 am ET – I’m in the air with a connection from Cleveland to Denver, then Denver to Sacramento. An informal GameChanger gathering is expected this evening. For additional updates please follow @GamingFansDFN on Twitter.

1:56 pm PT – After a connecting flight in Denver, I am now in Sacramento and at the hotel. Rumor has it a couple of our YouTubers are here as well – I will see what I can find out.

LJ in Sacramento

Gaming-fans.com Director of Content LJ for the EA/CG Studio visit

3:12 pm PT – I can confirm that AhnaldT101 is in town – here is his YouTube channel for reference.

4:15 pm PT – Just met up with GoingNerdy and Crazy Excuses and walked around downtown Sacramento for a while then we talked to Remon Azab back at the hotel. Like to their YouTube channels are below.

9:10 pm PT – I can confirm that Cubs Fan Han, Nukin, Mobile Gamer and Warrior are all here as well. I believe, with myself included, that this puts us at 9 members of the SWGoH GameChangers program in total. More links below.


Thursday, February 22nd

7:20 am PT – Sorry for not posting anything last night. Things got kinda crazy, as the Top 15 SWGoH Characters video from Cubs Fan Han will show you. I don’t want to give anything away, but I know questions regarding his Squad Arena team and a couple of others are already being asked…

Many of us chose to go out and see Sacramento after getting a tip that a couple of SWGoH developers were out and about, and we were able to meet up with them and chat over dinner and (highly competitive) video games. Afterwards many of us returned to the hotel and that is when Cubs Fan Han’s idea came to fruition. Ahnald’s Tweet (right) sheds some light on that.

Today is the day where we get to find out the main reason for why we are all here. The schedule is packed so I will update as time and content allows.

Here is basically what went down last night –

SWGoH: February Top 15 Tourney – Ahnald gets Evicted?! Gamechangers @ EA!

9:00 am PT – We are in the conference room (it is red…) and ready to roll…

3:06 pm PT – It has been a long, fun day with a lot of new information. More in time – details to come…

4:40 pm PT – Sitting beside and working along with fellow EA Game Changers Going Nerdy and Nukin as we get a preview of what’s to come in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.


Friday, February 23rd

5:31 am PT – I could not stay asleep this morning, and considering I am flying back to Ohio and losing three hours today, this may work in my favor.

LJ - SWGoH GameChanger

LJ in front of the life-sized Holotable at the EA Capital Games offices in Sacramento.

I believe I could not sleep also because of the fact that this experience was full of information and opportunities that have me feeling great about the future of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Seeing the offices of EA Capital Games, meeting the developers and those working behind the scenes, meeting the other GameChangers in person and understanding more about the inner workings of this game that I play more than nearly any game since childhood is awesome. There is no doubt in my mind that they want this game to not only continue, but be better each day, as much as we, the fans and players of SWGoH, do. I still cannot tell anyone what we have seen nor can I tell you when the public will know, but the overall experience was a hit, and while I look forward to getting back to my family and real life, this trip has exceeded my expectations.

Thanks to all who followed along. Thanks to Web Analytics I can tell that it was not just Hagar hitting refresh every five minutes, so this is my chance to thank all of you who support the site and keep coming back for the content. I hope to do you all proud!


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I need updates, SQUEEEEE!!!

Vlad Dzur

So cool of you to allow us a look inside of this experience! You’re living the dream, man!


How much of what you guys seen are you aloud to report on? 100%? 5%?