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In the game since Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes launched in November 2015, Asajj Ventress much like her Nightsister allies, saw little use from the community, even those like myself who are big fans of the faction. However when they received their rework in October 2017 the faction went from one of the least Zeta’d in the entire game to a powerhouse team who is among the top of the current meta choices even 5 months later.

SWGoH - Asajj VentressAsajj Ventress – one of my personal favourite characters in all of Star Wars – had one of the lowest used sets of Zetas in the entire game. Prior to the rework there were less than 30 using her Rampage unique Zeta and less than 40 using her leadership Zeta, Nightsister Swiftness. Since the rework that has drastically changed, with Asajj’s inclusion in the Big Mix teams for Heroic AAT her Rampage Zeta is now one of the Top 20 used Zetas in the game.

Asajj’s in-game Zeta text on her unique, Rampage, reads “When an ally or enemy is defeated, Asajj gains 35% Turn Meter, and, gains 15% Offense, 15% Critical Chance, and 5% Max Health (stacking) until the end of the encounter. Asajj has +15 Speed for each enemy with no buffs.” For her leadership, Nightsister Swiftness, it reads “Nightsister allies have +30 Speed, +30% Offense, gain 50% Turn Meter when they fall below 100% Health, and have 50% chance to remove 20% Turn Meter when they damage an enemy. This Turn Meter removal can’t be resisted.”

And now, our SWGoH Zeta review for Asajj Ventress:


Asajj Ventress Zeta Review

Gameplay: Adding a Zeta to Asajj – particularly Rampage – is a complete transformation to her use, particularly if built around a team that can revive or in a raid phase that will see a lot of revives such as Phase 3 of HAAT. Her leadership adds another bonus to the speed she will already be gifting her Nightsisters allies, by not only giving them an additional 30 speed but also an extra 50% turn meter whenever their health drops below 100%. This TM boost combined with the TM reduction the leadership can apply to all Nightsister attacks makes for a deadly snowball effect on a fast team.

Squad Arena: Rampage is without a doubt the important Zeta for her arena use, whether as leader or under Mother Talzin, this is where your damage is going to come from and her ability to practically solo the low gear Zombie NS opponents comes from her offense stack and continued cooldown of her AoE (Endless Wrath) each time she kills the oppositions low gear Zombie. In evenly matched NS vs NS battes, the team with the higher geared Zombie will win as the other teams Asajj will be able to exploit her Endless Wrath cooldowns and wipe out the team with a continued barrage of its use.

When it comes to Asajj as a leader the common build sees Nightsister Acolyte replaced in the usual set up by General Kenobi and the team ironically becomes an effective counter to the Mother Talzin variation of the Nightsisters. Despite my fandom of Asajj, I personally have only Zeta’d her unique and run her under Mother Talzin on my main account. I have tested it extensively on my EA Game Changer test account but remain unconvinced that it is better, it has different strengths but also its own vulnerabilities.

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Rancor: This isn’t particularly Asajj’s strong point. While her leadership does offer another option to solo the Rancor there are already considerably easier options. This raid also has very limited situations to be able to stack Rampage up for high damage.

AAT/HAAT: While Asajj lead is capable of huge damage in P3 and P4 or even under Talzin, her real use comes from working under Ackbar in the Big Mix teams. The stacks on Rampage can see her basic landing for 200k+ and doing incredible damage through P2 to P4. Often paired with Commander Luke Skywalker as the offensive portion of the team, this is likely the main reason behind her surge in Zeta use by the community.

Territory Battles: One of the most effective Darkside Territory Battles teams is easily the team known as Nightsister Cheese; Talzin (L), Daka, Asajj, Acolyte & Zombie. Asajj and her Rampage are a big part of the damage output in this build. It is also possible to have very good success with Asajj as leader due to the constant TM manipulation and revives across all rounds. Which build you use really comes down to preference as 4/4 runs are capable with both builds. Due to the sheer number of enemies and likelihood that your Zombie will die repeatedly, Asajj ends up wiping elites out with her basic and clearing whole rounds with her AoE thanks to her unique.

Territory Wars: Much like TB, Asajj can be used in both Nightsister teams and on either Offense or Defence. Early into the rework they were really a fantastic defensive option as many people were unsure on how to battle them, would lose and leave the Nightsisters with a TM advantage in consecutive battles. Now they’re best kept for offense where a team in the 75k region will easy handle a top 95k+ CLS or Jedi Rey team. Rampage remains incredibly important against the upper tier opponents while her leadership is again preference.



How I Use Asajj Ventress: I’ve used Nightsisters prior to the rework as my team were all 7* and G9-10. Once the rework came in back in October I was able to immediately switch to them in arena and have faced pretty much every team and mode there is to face. I personally prefer Asajj under Talzin so her leadership is pretty low on my list to use a Zeta on, particularly with so many other teams needing one to perform at their best. With an 83k arena team consisting of zzTalzin G11, zAsajj G12, Daka G11, Acolyte G12 and Zombie G11, I consistently compete in the top 3 against 110k Rey teams. Asajj’s ability to remove the enemy teams buffs comes in incredibly handy and her Rampage ensures I walk through low gear Zombie rivals within 40 seconds. In TW I use them on offense and in Dark Side Territory Battles I am guaranteed 4/4 runs throughout.

My Rating of Zeta Asajj Ventress: In terms of power she is rated my 4th strongest but she is without a doubt my second most important character in my entire roster right now. I’ve used 13 zetas to date and her Rampage is probably ranked second in value of its use to success ratio. For her leadership I can’t rate it above a 5/10 – while it isn’t bad it is not a Zeta you choose over Talzin, who I feel has a better leadership across all modes. As for Rampage I’d rate it a 9/10 based on it having use in every mode in the game. The comeback victories in arena, the huge damage stacks in HAAT and both territories modes. If you don’t run Nightsisters at all because you already have 3 excellent Dark Side teams in Territories and a viable arena build, then Rampage will be of less value to you unless you’re chasing big damage in HAAT.


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