SWGOH: Assault Battles – Places of Power Walkthrough & Tips for Success


Places of Power

This guide is going to be kept fairly simple. We do not yet have a mythic tier for this SWGoH Assault Battle, so the difficulty is still rather low. To keep things somewhat interesting I did this event with two different teams over the two days. One with a team that is very close to my arena team, and one with a weaker team to attempt to show that you don’t need a really good team to beat this event.

My top tier team consisted of:

  • Emperor Palpatine, Gear 12.3 Speed 230 (108) All abilities maxed, both zetas
  • Darth Sion, Gear 12.3, Speed 258 (121), All abilities maxed with zeta
  • Darth Vader, Gear 12.31, Speed 219 (98) All abilities maxed, except for zeta on no escape
  • Darth Nihilus, Gear 12.2, Speed 222 (102) All abilities maxed, except for leader zeta
  • Kylo Ren, Gear 11.3, Speed 166 (44) All abilities maxed

My lower tier team consisted of:

  • Count Dooku, Gear 10.0, Speed 207 (46), All abilities level 7, hindering Press Level 8 (Omega)
  • Kylo Ren, Gear 11.3, Speed 166 (44) All abilities maxed
  • Captain Phasma, Gear 10.5, Speed 134 (13), All abilities maxed except Zeta
  • First Order Tie Pilot, Gear 21.1, Speed133 (5), All abilities maxed except Zeta
  • Darth Nihilus, Gear 12.2, Speed 222 (102) All abilities maxed, except for leader zeta

For both battles I simply put it on auto and let it go. Using my lower tiered team I did manually play the final wave to ensure a clear. So the strategy is actually fairly light.

It is important to note a few things, in most of the waves you have a lead Jedi with a special buff, if you kill this Jedi all the other Jedi and clones become much easier to kill and deal significantly less damage.

But outside of waves 4 and 8, the additional enemies are very weak, and it is actually faster to kill them first before killing the main Jedi as they tend to have a significant health pool.

In wave 4 the key Jedi is Anakin Skywalker, and since this wave also includes Fives and Rex, you may want to focus down Anakin first.

Wave 8 Features Grand Master Yoda, who it needs to be noted cannot be stunned, he may even self clear buffs on his turn. There is also General Kenobi who will taunt often. If you have Nihilus available and this team gives you trouble I would recommend focusing on General Kenobi while avoiding AOE attacks, as soon as annihilate is available use it on Grand Master Yoda and watch the rest fall very easily.

If Nihilus is not available to you I would still recommend focusing on General Kenobi and then once he is down kill Yoda and mop up the rest.

Yoda will have constant foresight and he will spread it very frequently to everyone else, so he is a real pain and you do not want to leave him till last or the battle will take a very long time.

As I mentioned this is an older event so I am not going into huge detail, I will save that for when we have an update and a mythic tier.

This is Sparrow signing out.


By Sparrow
BHG Black Sun Guild Officer
Gaming-fans.com Staff Writer

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