SWGOH: Assault Battles – Military Might Walkthrough & Tips for Success

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CG has definitely been pulling out all of the stops on these mythic assault battles, we have another very difficult event to complete. My first run through this event I went with my usual team of full Phoenix…. That did not go well, the first 7 waves can be completed on auto, but then the 8th wave would usually begin with Palpatine landing 4-5 stuns and half the team never getting a turn after that due to constant stun lock. So to complete this event I had to change things up. Some guildmates of mine had luck with the following team so I gave it a go.

So on to the Mythic Tier, this is the team I used, note all toons are level 85, 7*.

  • Commander Luke Skywalker, Gear 12.3, Speed 257 (105), All abilities maxed with exception of leader
  • R2-D2, Gear 12.3, Speed 253 (96), All abilities maxed
  • Han Solo, Gear 12.3, Speed 163 (27), All abilities maxed (Note Han Solo is currently modded for Heroic Sith raid, hence the low speed, Offense is 3539 (1033)
  • Baze Malbus, Gear 12.0, Speed 112 (22), All abilities maxed
  • Chirrut Imwe, Gear 11.1, Speed 222 (75), All abilities maxed



Waves 1-3 Strategy

With this team your real defense is the health pool, you can pretty much count on having your protection worn down on everyone except CLS by the time you reach Wave 8, so for the first 3 waves I just hit the auto button.


Wave 4 Strategy

Here you face Director Krennic, two Death Troopers and two Shoretroopers. In truth this is a fairly easy wave as well, I like to stun one Deathtrooper with Han, debuff one shore trooper with CLS, then focus down the other. If taunt goes away work on the deathtroopers, when they are down clear the shore troopers then Krennic.


Wave 5-6 Strategy

Again here I simply hit the auto button.


Wave 7 Strategy

Wave 7 is not terribly difficult but this is your preparation wave. Like wave 4 you want to take out Death Trooper as early as possible, then Shoretrooper, General Veers is the largest damage dealer here, but his Zeta is not very useful since you will not be dying. You will notice that I left Stormtrooper until last, and this is the wave where I started using the event ability.  The reasons for this are simple; Stormtrooper, when left till last, has a very high defense and takes a while to kill. The event ability is a great way to stall for time. You will notice when I finally finished him off Chirrut had a very high turn meter; this helps make the last wave much easier.


Wave 8 Strategy

So this is where the fun begins, you are facing Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, Grand Admiral Thrawn and three Royal Guards.

To begin it is critical to control Emperor Palpatine, so your first attack is Han, and you get the Stun on him. This should hopefully be followed by Chirrut who can give everyone Tenacity up (this will prevent Vader from starting by landing his DOTs) and with a little luck your R2-D2 can stun Thrawn with his basic.

After all of this I like to focus my attacks on Palpatine since he is the easiest to kill. The biggest problem here will be the Royal Guards taunting, but CLS can get around that fairly easily.

If any of your team looks to be in danger of going into yellow health feel free to use the event ability, it has a short cooldown so it really can be used quite liberally. In addition to focusing on Palpatine I like to focus on one Royal Guard when there are multiple ones taunting.

With Palpatine dead it is best to finish off Thrawn next so he does not get a second fracture. After this it is mostly mop up, with a little luck you have avoided too many DOTs from Vader and all 5 are still standing.

Best of luck in getting your Zetas when this even is live!

This is Sparrow signing out.



By Sparrow
BHG Black Sun Guild Officer
Gaming-fans.com Staff Writer

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  1. Great post! I had to make a few changes since I didn’t have Raid Han. I used Old Ben (G12 and full abilities plus extra 3 extra G12 gear pieces but no zetas) in place of Han. Imwe was G12 and Baze G11.4; both were about 70% ability max with no omegas or zetas. I did have CLS completed with extra G12 pieces and all 3 zetas. Same for R2D2 but no zeta.
    Your strategy was spot on! I ended up knocking out Vader first only because RNG sort of worked it out that way; EP was next. Happy to have Vader go quickly because he crushed me in earlier attempts before I could burn what little resources I had to just get Chaze high enough. I think the big key was how you used the Event Ability on Phase 7 to set up 8 — brilliant.
    Lastly, I’d tried Mythic level with a few other characters and couldn’t even get past Phase 5 until I read your post! Thanks!!!!

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