SWGoH: Best Mods for Gamorrean Guard

SWGoH - Gamorrean Guard

Welcome to the best mods for Gamorrean Guard, the latest article in our series about the popular game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes where we take a look at the best mods for each SWGoH character. While I do not claim to have all of the answers in this game, I do my research and have used every character I write about extensively. These are mod recommendations and they are certainly not the only option. We here at Gaming-fans.com look to help players maximize their characters in SWGoH and we are always open to feedback if you have a mod setup that works well for your gameplay.

SWGoH - Gamorrean GuardAdded to the game around the time of the launch of the Rancor Raid in SWGoH, Gamorrean Guard was, for years, one of those characters that really had no place to fit in. He is a tank and is categorized into the Scoundrel faction, but had no real synergies to speak of and, outside of having the highest base Health in the game for a while, and was rather unexceptional. However SWGoH and games like it grow and expand over time, and the Gamorrean Guard’s value is trending upward thanks to the addition of Jabba the Hutt and the Hutt Cartel faction. Let’s take a look at the best mods for the Gamorrean Guard to ensure we have him performing at a high level in SWGoH.

Main Focus: Survivability in the form of Health. Gamorrean Guard was created for one purpose and one purpose only – to absorb attacks and keep them off of his allies. His Muscle In special grants him Taunt and Protection equal to 20% of his Max Health while taunting, so Health is obvious here. Now, under a Jabba the Hutt lead, Gamorrean Guard gets a +30% Max Health boost, so go Health first and then…

Additional Areas to Focus: Survivability in the forms of Protection and Defense, Potency, Tenacity & Speed. Since his role is to absorb hits, additional Defense and Protection are good choices as well as Health. His Max Protection and his base Armor and Resistance stats are all above average, and given the Damage Immunity, Critical Hit Immunity and damage reduction for Hutt Cartel allies, added Defense and Protection will make him more of an annoyance for your enemies. Potency makes his basic, Hack and Slash, as well as his second special, Punch Through, more effective given both land debuffs. The former can land two Damage Over Time effects while the latter can Expose the enemy and now removed Turn Meter as well. Speed is a necessary focus since everyone in SWGoH needs Speed to get to their turn and be more effective.

In-game Mod Recommendations: Potency, right… This, folks, is outdated content and why EA Capital Games should either stay out of the business of in-game mod recommendations or actually keep track of things. No, Potency mods are not the go-to on Gamorrean Guard. He is not fast and his Retribution buff can easily be dispelled. Potency may be more important when the Gamorrean Guard is in Territory Battles and assisting attacks, but you need to first have an Omicron upgrade on him and this is quite situational. So for 90% of the game, if you are using Gamorrean Guard be sure to make him thick and tanky to ensure he can absorb a lot of hits.


Ideal Mod Setup for SWGoH Gamorrean Guard:

Gamorrean Guard has a straight-forward mod setup for the most part, with a strong focus on survivability. Depending on how your prioritize him on your roster, I recommend Health mods first, then Defense mods. Thus here is my ideal mod setup for Gamorrean Guard:

  • Transmitter (Square) – Defense mod with a primary focus on offense and a secondary focus on speed, health, protection, and defense
  • Receiver (Arrow) – Health mod with a primary focus on health or defense and a secondary focus on speed, health, protection, and tenacity or potency
  • Processor (Diamond) – Health mod with a primary focus on defense and a secondary focus on health, protection, potency and defense
  • Holo-Array (Triangle) – Health mod with a primary focus on health and a secondary focus on health, protection, potency and defense
  • Data-Bus (Circle) – Health mod with a primary focus on health and a secondary focus on defense, protection, potency and speed
  • Multiplexer (Plus) – Defense mod with a primary focus on health and a secondary focus on speed, tenacity, protection, and potency



Image credit: SWGOH.gg

Originally published June 2018
Revised September 2022 by LJ

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