TFEW: Best Bots for Alpha Trion Prime Core

TFEW - Transformers Earth Wars

Alpha Trion Prime Core

TFEW - Alpha Trion Prime CoreThe Alpha Trion Prime Core is one of 12 Prime Cores in Transformers Earth Wars which offers the Power of the Primes to enhance the equipped bot’s abilities. Each bot is able to equip a single Power Core to enhance their abilities, with the 12 Prime Cores qualifying as the best of the Power Cores in the game. TFEW allows players to open a Prime Core from gathering 5,000 Prime Core Chips which are earned from a variety of weekend events.

Starting at Level 1 it reads “Gain 1 Ability Point every 35 seconds,”┬ástarts at 35 seconds and time reduces based on the level of the Prime Core

Level 1 – 35 seconds

Level 7 – 15 seconds

Level 10 – 13.5 seconds

Level 12 – 12.5 seconds


Best Bots for Alpha Trion Prime Core

So who are the best bots for the Alpha Trion Prime Core? This core gives you one ability point every 35 seconds at Level 1, and when leveled up can really boost your special ability uses. While this is probably the easiest core to decide where to put it, the Alpha Trion Prime Core really does not help the bot. You want this Prime Core on a bot they stays back out of the way or has high health so he makes it to the end of the battle so you gain as many points as possible. A bot that doesn’t require a specific core or a bot that has a core that wouldn’t help as much as this one would be the best fit. Gunners, Healers, some Aeirals are options, but you can acquire some very good cores on Healers and Aeiral bots. I prefer to use my Prime Cores on war bots, but the Alpha Trion Prime Core is not a fit for many bots. Tracks seems to be good fit with the core approaching Level 15 or above to get a few extra points for one more special attack. That having been said, if you do not have a high level Tracks or Cutthroat I feel that this core is fit for a B team. Other options include Hot Rod or long-lasting tanks. Note that this is NOT a Prime Core you want to use for bots in your Defensive Outposts.


By CDUB, Alpha Cartel Alliance & notes from Rae from Primes Gone Wild

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