TFEW: Alliance Raid Battle Test
 – An Early Look

TFEW - Alliance Raids

One of the features coming to Transformers Earth Wars in the latter part of 2018 is the much anticipated new game mode. While presently in the final testing phase of development, some details have been released on what we might expect.

The new game mode has the working title of “Alliance Raid Battle Test.” In this feature, alliance members coordinate attacks and work as a team to destroy a series of mega bases. As bases are damaged, points are accumulated which earn increasing rewards for members of the alliance.

TFEW - Alliance RaidsAlliance Raid Battle Test consists of 10 battle zones each of which contains a single mega base for the alliance to challenge. The mega bases increase in difficulty with each zone. Members of the alliance may select any zone to attack and, while multiple players can fight in different zones simultaneously, but only one player can scout and fight each zone at any given time. Once a player selects a zone to attack, that zone is locked to other alliance members for the duration of that player’s attack. During the battle, the player has 3 minutes to inflict as much damage as possible to the mega base. Damage dealt to the base is saved for subsequent players to build upon until the base is destroyed. Once a Raid Battle is complete, each player’s attempt and percentage of the base destroyed is logged for activity tracking of alliance members. Each player can expect to deal only a small percentage of damage to a base with a single attack so alliances must coordinate their efforts to destroy each base.

Attacks in the Alliance Raid Battle cost tokens. Players start with (and max out at) 200 Battle Raid tokens. Each battle in the Alliance Raid costs 100 tokens to attempt. Tokens automatically regenerate over time but additional tokens can be earned by fighting battles against standard bases.

Defenses on the mega bases will include several weapons never before seen in TFEW and all of the defenses carry Health and Damage stats that far exceed even the strongest standard base defenses. Examples of the never before seen defenses include the rail gun, the luxon destabilizer, the acid launcher, and the thunder tower with Health ranging from the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands depending on the zone.

Coordination, strategic planning and player activity will be keys to success for Alliance Raid Battles. But another key to success will be bot selection. Several of the bots who are usually beasts in PVP and wars will prove ineffective in Raid Battles against defenses with extreme health and damage. However, some of the often overlooked bots, such as Perceptor/Bombshell, Bumblebee/Skrapnel, Cosmos/Mindwipe, Silverbolt/Thundercracker, Sideswipe/Offroad, Cliffjumper/Kickback and Mirage/Breakdown will become necessities. Tracks/Cutthroat will likely claim a spot on even the strongest of squads.

On initial release, developers plan to debut Alliance Raid Battle Test as a weekend event to test player reception and success with the long-term goal of moving the activity to a mid-week format.


By RAE Staff Writer
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 – An Early Look"

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