SWGoH: Slave I is January’s Login Character?

SWGoH - January Login

Back on December 19th, datamined information in SWGoH revealed that the Slave I was to be January’s login “character” off the month. As Gaming-fans.com has been the news source responsible for breaking many of the daily login character in the latter half of 2018, I for one did not believe it to be true. Given how tight-lipped Capital Games is on their future content it seemed completely against everything I have learned about the company. Apparently I was wrong – either they do not care about remaining quiet about their future content or this was a purposeful tip to the community. That having been said, the rumor from December 19th is now a fact as multiple sources are reporting that the Slave I is indeed the login “toon” for the month of January.

So what does this mean to SWGoH moving forward? This seems to further confirm that the Original Trilogy Millennium Falcon is indeed coming to the game – likely January 10th-18th range – and that Bounty Hunter ships will indeed be needed. While Bounty Hunters were the necessary toons to unlock Rebel Chewbacca, despite their complete lack of relevance to the Original Trilogy, it appears that the Hound’s Tooth, IG-2000 and Xanadu Blood will all play a major role in adding the Han & Chewie-piloted Millennium Falcon to our rosters.

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