TFEW: Prime Core Shards on the line this weekend in Nexus Prime event

TFEW - Transformers Earth Wars

Transformers Earth Wars continues the schedule of weekend events starting on Friday with an event entitled Nexus Prime. The event will also unveil the new Nexus Prime Core, the 11th of 12 Prime Cores in TFEW. The event is an Individual Totaliser event and will include 30 prestige levels playable for 72 hours from Friday through Sunday with the following maximum prizes:

  • 3,000 Prime Core shards
  • 3,000 Premium shard
  • 30,000 Spark
  • Triple XP

All of the above is available to players at HQ Level 4, and let’s be real, if you’re headquarters is lower than that you likely do not care enough to be reading this article.

In other TFEW news, the return of Raid Battles is expected to be next week, January 8-10, as the Space Ape team took time off to fix some bugs and enjoy the holidays. In addition, the weekend bundle will be for Gnaw on both the Autobot and Decepticon sides.

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