What we want to see in the upcoming Harry Potter Wizards Unite game

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is an upcoming mobile game that is expected to be available on both iPhone and Android devices and will be released in 2019. While Gaming-fans.com is planning to cover the new title extensively, there is little we actually know about the game. What we do know is that HPWU is being created by Niantic, the makers of Pokemon Go! Given my kids play Pokemon Go and I have played with them a fair amount, there are elements from that game that seem to easily fit into the expectations of Harry Potter Wizards Unite. After reading through a few other articles online, here are a few items we would like to see in HPWU.

  1. The ability to catch magical creatures. Like Pokemon Go’s catching the Pokemon, the ability to take Newt Scamander’s briefcase around and catch a Niffler or other magical creature would be a fun piece to the game. However I hop this is not the key to the entire game as then it would seem to be too similar to catching Pokemon.
  2. Duels in place of Gyms. Instead of the Pokemon Gym concept the ideal of dueling would fit right in. How this would work with players both live and stationing a character for AI to control is yet to be seen.
  3. Collecting ingredients for potions. A January article on TechRadar.com really hit the nail on the head with this point where they mention finding ingredients to use to make potions. Again, how this would work itself into the game to TBD, but just the idea of collecting these ingredients will lead to die-hards and casuals alike searching the world over to complete a Polyjuice potion.

For more ideas and what Emma Boyle at TechRadar.com wants to see check out her article. We’re excited to see where this game goes and when it is launched which will hopefully be very soon.

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