HPWU: Finding High Foundables for the Back to Hogwarts Special Assignment

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Another Brilliant Event is here in Harry Potter Wizards Unite and with that comes yet another Special Assignment that will surely challenge players across the globe. The Back to Hogwarts event is another 2-part Brilliant Event and again rewards players with green Restricted Section Books, Special Event Registry tokens, Ministry ID Portrait customizations and more.

HPWU - Erkling OddityLike previous Brilliant Events since the game’s launch in June 2019, there always seems to be a task on the fourth page of Special Assignments that trips players up, or at least slows them down. For the Back to Hogwarts it appears to be the “Return 5 High Foundables” task given the difficulty in finding High Foundables. Below we take a look at some tips to help you find high Foundables in Traces across the map as part of our popular Wizards Unite questions answered series.


Tips for Finding High Foundables:

  • Play the game at Dawn & Dusk – Hard-to-find Foundables are much more likely to be found during the early morning and evening hours, so be sure to seek them out during these times of day if you can.
  • Use Dark Detectors – Using a Dark Detector can have differing effects and while they can sometimes be rather underwhelming, they can also bring hard-to-find Foundables to your area.
  • Move Around – It’s never wise to play in the same spot for too long if you want a variety of Foundables, unless you live or work in a location that is rich with HPWU traces. Be sure to move around and find the different spawn points nearby to maximize your chances.
  • Play with Friends – I say this because no witch or wizard’s game is exactly the same as the next. While playing with my family we often have two of us see a Foundable on the map while one gets left out (last night it was me not seeing the Unicorn pop up on my game). Playing with friends allows you to see where others find High Foundables so that you can search the area as well.
  • Don’t Give Up – Just because a Foundable did not show up for you when you walked past an Inn, Greenhouse, Fortress or other spawn point the first time does not mean it will not show up the next time.

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