HPWU: Day of the Dragons & What You Need to Know

HPWU - Day of the Dragons

HPWU - Day of the DragonsThe Day of the Dragons in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is tomorrow (September 7th) and fans across the globe are eager to add dragons to their Registry. Of course Dragons were first seen at last weekend’s Fan Festival in Indianapolis where Gaming-fans.com was present and completed all of the assignments and provided our recap of the event.

For the Day of the Dragons we have once again posted an awesome graphic from @OrangeWizard2019 (Instagram). His graphics always prove to be a huge help for visual learners and he’s a great follow for this kind of content.


What Can I expect from the Day of the Dragons?

HPWU 9 3/4 Moving Staircases IIFor players in the USA, be sure to be available from 2-5pm ET (11am-2pm PT) as this is your only window of play time. For those outside of the USA, see the graphic for times in your region. All players across the globe will receive a Complimentary Gift including 25 Spell Energy, 10 Scrolls and 5 Red Spell Books, and the new 9 3/4 Moving Staircase II Registry page will be added for the entire community. On that page will be 5 new Foundables, Portraits of the four founders of Hogwarts and a (previous) mystery Foundable that Gaming-fans.com was able to solve this week. The Wild Boar portrait needs 15 fragments and is a tough one to find, but dyga13 had a theory and it paid off earlier this week.

HPWU Oddities - Dragons Registry PageHere in the USA, the Chinese Fireball and Peruvian Vipertooth will be available, with the Peruvian Vipertooth remaining the dragon available in the Americas moving forward. Of course Dragons are Oddities in HPWU, so look for those light purple traces to battle these Foundables, which are marked with a orange or red light emitting from the top of the icon. There are a total of 4 dragons in the game now, the Chinese Fireball and Antipodean Opaleye on the Oddities III page and the Common Welsh Green and Peruvian Vipertooth on Oddities IV (image on right).

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