MSF: joins official Marvel Strike Force Content Creator program

MSF - Endgame is pleased to announce that the site is now and official member of the newly-created Marvel Strike Force Content Creator program, called Envoy. The Envoy program, made up of content creators across the globe covering the game on YouTube, Twitch, via Podcasts and traditional Websites, has been newly-formed since the addition of MSF’s Senior Community Manager earlier this year. The formation of this program will look to improve game communications, better educate the community about the game and ensure that high quality and accurate content is always available for the millions playing Marvel Strike Force.

Alongside, established veteran YouTuber MobileGamer is one of the many in the program using his OhEmGee channel as well as UK-based DBofficial125. Podcaster Dorian Blade of the Ravager Report, a staff writer for, is also on the list of top-notch media members. Others included are MSF video content creators Khasino, Valley Flyin, Tony Bing, Chewburger84 of the Strike Force: Masters of Launch podcast and more. will look to continually work with the above list of MSF content creators along with any who are added to continue to bring our readers the best possible content about the game to make us all better Marvel Strike Force players.

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