MSF Envoy: Dark Beast coming to Marvel Strike Force along with new Deathseed faction tag

Dark Beast - MSF

In partnership with the Marvel Strike Force Envoy program, is please to announce that Dark Beast is one of the newest characters coming to MSF. Along with the addition of Dark Beast will be the new Deathseed faction which is expected to include both Magneto and Psylocke. While those characters were not specifically names as Deathseed faction members in the materials we received, it is implied based on their updated character kits.

A brief look at Dark Beast shows us that he applies debuffs with his basic and has a special attack that clones a single enemy and grants them Defense Up and Taunt. His Ultimate can flip positive effects into negative effects and apply Ability Block to the primary target. His Deathseed faction-specific bonuses are geared around use in Raids where he can also boost Offense and Speed significantly.

More about Dark Beast is expected in the next update on

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