MSF: How Do I Unlock & Power Up Ultron in Marvel Strike Force? 7-Stars, Red Stars, etc.

Ultron Red Stars - MSF

At one point the top character in the game, Ultron is, at the time of this writing, still one of the most powerful characters in Marvel Strike Force. The prize for beating the Dark Dimension II, according to, “Ultron was an Artificial Intelligence Peacekeeping Program created by Tony Stark using the decrypted code derived from the Mind Stone encased within Loki’s own Scepter, retooled by himself with the help of Bruce Banner. Ultron’s objective was to protect Earth from any and all domestic and extraterrestrial threats coming within the future. Possessing multiple of host bodies under his control as well as a variant of Stark’s own personality, Ultron however soon deemed humanity itself as the greatest threat to peace on the Earth and attempted to create his technological singularity by committing genocide against them, leaving only his own doubles left in their wake.”

Dark Dimension II has been available in Marvel Strike Force for years and requires Gear 13 characters to participate. At the completion of the 16 Dark Dimension II missions, players are rewarded with a 7-star Ultron. So how can you upgrade Ultron’s star count and red stars?


How do I upgrade Ultron’s (yellow) star count?

Upgrading Ultron’s yellow stars is not possible since he is a 7-star unlock when you beat the Dark Dimension II. This makes the entire process to unlock and upgrade Ultron easier than other characters, as a required second defeat of Dark Dimension IV helps you upgrade Doctor Doom.


How do I upgrade Ultron’s red star count?

Upgrading Ultron’s red star count is not as easy. For years it was impossible to upgrade Ultron’s Red Star count in MSF, but updates in 2021 allow players to accumulate Dark Promotion Credits which can be used to upgrade the Red Star counts for either Ultron or Ultimus. Personally, I used my first wave of Dark Promotion Credits to get my Ultron to 1-red star and the cost to go from 1 to 2-red stars is 1,000 Dark Promotion Credits.

If more opportunities open up to upgrade the red stars for Ultron in MSF are added, we will be sure to update things here at!

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