TFEW: 3-Year Anniversary Event features Super XP, 4-star Bot

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The Transformers Earth Wars three year anniversary event takes place this weekend as players will get enhanced rewards this weekend. Here’s a look at the email we received today:

Gather your Alliance members and take part in this weekend’s event to win SUPER XP and:

– An Anniversary Crystal that grants a 4-Star bot selected from the most veteran Earth Wars warriors. With no duplicates!
– Up to 60,000 Spark
– Up to 15 Celebration Canisters, each containing a random Kremzeek Booster, 1,000 Premium Shards or 1,000 3-Star shards.

The Anniversary Crystal contains one of the following bots with no duplicates:

Air Raid & Slipstream
Alpha Bravo & Long Haul
Arcee & Nightbird
Autobot Jazz & Mixmaster
Blaster & Soundwave
Bumblebee & Skrapnel
Cheetor & Blackarachnia
Cliffjumper & Kickback
Cosmos & Mindwipe
Drift & Barricade
Dustup & Vortex
Elita-1 & Lugnut
Firefly & Blast Off
First Aid & Reflector
Gnaw Autobot & Gnaw Decepticon
Grimlock & Razorclaw
Hot Rod & Nemesis Prime
Hot Spot & Tantrum
Hound & Drag Strip
Huffer & Lockdown
Inferno & Rodimus Unicronus
Ironhide & Bludgeon
Jetfire & Starscream
Jumpstream & Scrapper
Kup & Dead End
Laser Optimus & Armada Megatron
Mirage & Brawl
Optimus Primal & BW Megatron
Optimus Prime & Megatron
Perceptor & Bombshell
Pipes & Headstrong
Powerglide & Cyclonus
Prowl & Breakdown
Pyra Magna & Bonecrusher
Ratchet & Hook
Rodimus Prime & Motormaster
Rust Dust & Scavenger
Seaspray & Octopunch
Sentius Magnus & Sentius Malus
Sideswipe & Offroad
Silverbolt & Thundercracker
Sky Lynx & Blitzwing
Skyburst & Onslaught
Skydive & Skywarp
Sludge & Straxus
Slug & Rampage
Smokescreen & Brake-Neck
Snarl & Hun-Gurrr
Springer & Astrotrain
Star Saber & Deathsaurus
Stormclash & Viper
Sunstreaker & Swindle
Swoop & Scourge
Tigerhawk & Waspinator
Tracks & Cutthroat
Ultra Magnus & Galvatron
Warpath & Skullsmasher
Wheeljack & Shockwave
Windblade & Divebomb

If you own all of these bots on your main faction, instead of a duplicate you will get 500 5-Star Shards!

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