MSF Community Update: New GAMMA Raid, Code Red Blitz Milestones & more

Marvel Strike Force

On top of the brand-new Phoenix Legendary event, it looks like we have many more things to come this week! The Sinister Strike Campaign featuring Rhino will be out in a couple of days, where you use your City Villain characters to take on Kingpin!


New Gamma Raid Featuring Brawlers

A new Gamma Raid featuring the Brawlers is just around the corner! This Raid will be different from past Gamma Raids, as it rewards a new orb called the Gamma Raid Ord. This new orb will rotate based on the characters that are featured in the Gamma Raid. For this new raid, the orb will reward Brawler character shards, as this is a Brawler featured raid. The previous Juggernaut-themed nodes instead now feature Brawlers, which I assume will change to another faction when the next themed Gamma raid is announced. This new style of Gamma raid seems like it’s a great way to keep the event raids fresh!


Ultimus VII Update

After the Alliance who first beats Ultimus VII three times is announced, the community will enjoy festivities to celebrate, including a limited-edition Orb featuring characters chosen by the winning Alliance, along with a celebratory login calendar. These rewards look great, let’s hope the winning Alliance chooses some great characters!


Code Red Blitz Milestones & The Heat Wave Calendar

Jump into Blitz and complete the special Code Red Blitz Milestones and claim the Heat Wave login calendar. During this limited-time summer event, earn points toward this new milestone by opening Heat Wave Orbs and winning Blitz battles with the featured Heat Wave characters to earn some juicy rewards.

All the best with this week’s new content Commanders!


By Arsenal MSF Staff Writer

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