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MSF - Blitz

As you progress in your blitz-ing career, you begin to realise the full potential of the rewards and progression that you can make. Beginning game blitz is entirely different to regular blitz, as the milestones are marginally smaller, and the rewards are easier to obtain. Once you make it out of the beginner server/shard for blitz, the real rewards start to unlock, and this is where you can make some amazing progress as a free to play player.


Introduction to the Blitz game mode:

Blitz is one of the best parts of MSF, in my opinion, as there is the possibility for almost endless battles and compositions to test and have fun with. The most important thing to get a grip of first is the Blitz Charges, which are used to continue to battle after your first free battle with a squad is used up. MSF - Blitz ChargeThe Charges max out at 500, so always try and use them if you are at 500, as they do not continue to stack once you reach 500. Charges can be earned through your daily activities, as well as the daily challenges, but make sure to check that you are under 500 Charges before claiming more. Charges are used to re-enter battles after your free battle with each squad, which becomes free once again after a 2-hour cooldown. The charge cost initially starts at 25 to re-enter a battle, and then becomes 50 after a certain number of battles. My best tip for using charges is to use all the 25 charge refreshes, and then stop once you reach 50 to maximise the amount of times you can blitz with your charges. That pretty much covers the blitz charges, make sure you use them wisely!

Now onto blitz tiers! Blitz tiers are based on the number of blitz matches you win, and you then progressively enter higher tiers all the way until tier 8 which is the max. Each tier contains 4 matches to progress to the next tier, with each match progressively getting harder within each tier and you complete each match. This pretty much means that each match you do will become harder and harder until you eventually lose a match, which happens to all of us! There is one more important thing to mention for each tier. If you lose the first match in a tier you just advanced to, you will be demoted to the previous tier. With this in mind, always try and pick a first matchup you think you will 100% win to make sure you don’t drop down a tier! The way you will be able to tell your tier is in the top- middle section of the blitz matchup screen, and each yellow bar indicated the tier that you are on. That pretty much sums it all up! Just know that every match will get harder, but at the same time, your points will increase, and you will get closer to those sweet milestone and ranking rewards!


Blitz Store:

MSF - Blitz CreditsAs a beginner, the blitz store can be a very tricky place to navigate. There are so many characters to choose from and often not enough currency to redeem them all! Many people will tell you different things about the blitz stores and how to use your blitz credits. Some will say that you should only buy orbs, some will say that you should only buy Alliance War boosts, and some might tell you to strictly buy character shards only. Whatever you decide to do, it’s your choice! Do whatever makes the game fun for you and keeps you interested (that’s just my advice). There are some great characters for all aspects of the game, decide to spend your credits in the way that best suits your needs as a player, that’s how you will progress further.


Blitz Rewards:

As I said earlier, the blitz rewards can be amazing. Even just grinding out the 750k milestones can give a great amount of rewards. Do whatever method suits you best to get the rewards you want. High tier blitz ranking takes time and dedication, only embark on such a journey when you feel confident to do so! My best tip for any blitz beginner is to make sure you always max the milestones out on the Orb Assault blitz that occurs every week! You can get a great number of premium orbs, something that is crucial in beginning game development. A bigger roster = more accessibility to the game, which this blitz will help you achieve over time. Besides from that, go crazy and enjoy blitz. After all, I believe it is the most fun and care-free game mode in MSF, so take advantage of this and enjoy!

I think this pretty much sums everything up that is needed for beginner blitz-goers. Keep in mind that it will take time to even hit all the milestones and reach 750k, but once you do, it all becomes easier and progression sky rockets from there! I hope this helps you and good luck blitz-ing!


By Arsenal MSF Staff Writer

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