MSF 101: Dark Dimension

MSF - Fear The Darkness

In this installment of MSF 101, we will talk about the Dark Dimension. Currently, the Dark Dimension has two playable campaigns and is the end game of MSF. I say end game as Enter the Darkness provides you with rare gear needed to complete Fear the Darkness, which then unlocks the beast that is Ultron. For those fighting the Fear The Darkness segment of the game, check out our Fear The Darkness live blog covering each and every level with videos linked from fellow FoxNext Envoy member Khasino.


Enter the Darkness:

First campaign is Enter the Darkness, which requires 5 6-star characters to even attempt. Although this may be slightly outdated with the release of Fear the Darkness, the rewards are still great and will help you achieve the requirements needed to enter Fear the Darkness.

The team I used and recommend for a speedy run through:

  • Star Lord
  • Rocket Racoon
  • Groot
  • Shield Medic
  • Shield Security

Keep in mind that this is only my thoughts, there are plenty of great combinations to use. Using Nick Fury and his Minions is probably the best and most efficient way to get through Enter the Darkness. However, not everyone will have him unlocked or even at 6-stars. I provided a rough team for you to use above, so feel free to tear it apart or take the team in for a go.


Fear the Darkness:

Fear the Darkness is the toughest challenge the game has to bring, arguably alongside the challenges faced in Ultimus VII. However, it also brings the best rewards you could ask for in my opinion. You get a large supply or Orange gear and the Character at the forefront of the Meta, along with others, Ultron. In order to enter this campaign, you will need 5 Gear Tier 13 Characters. Unlike Enter the Darkness, they don’t have to be a specific star rank, which is great for people looking to use rare characters or characters they don’t have fully farmed.

The recommended team:

  • Star Lord
  • Minn-Erva
  • Groot/ Quake
  • Nick Fury
  • Shield Security

The reason I have listed this team is because it is the most commonly used team to complete Fear the Darkness. In no way am I forcing you to farm/gear these characters, this is just a suggestion based on research and analysing forums such as Reddit. This team does seem to give people the easiest time through, so this is what I’ll be using to complete this challenge and unlock the almighty Ultron.

At the end of the day this game is all about having fun. Do whatever suits you to beat the above Dark Dimension campaigns, so long as you are having fun doing so. Whether you take my recommendations or not, I wish you the best of luck Commanders in taking down the challenges that Dark Dimension has to offer!


By Arsenal Staff Writer

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