MSF: Dark Dimension V – Escape the Darkness – Mission #2 Walkthrough & Live Blog

Dark Dimension 5 - MSF

The second mission has 53.3m health to work through with 24 enemies to face off with. My team checks in at 942k power as I leave Star-Lord (T’Challa) on the bench for this one. The opening enemy lineup has Bishop, Beast and Kitty Pryde with Psylocke and Silver Surfer. My first attack was a mess with Beast healing all and $$ with the self heals.

Today I go right after Bishop as his counter attacks and taunt are the biggest annoyance, so I am hoping to soften him up or take him out today. Dr. Doom ends up dealing the killing blow and Beast, who was standing beside Bishop, is now the subject of my attention. I lose Shang-Chi but continue on, taking out Beast and then focusing on the other three. Debuffs keep me hitting Psylocke despite a desire to kill $$ first, and I lose Dr. Doom. I finally kill off $$ and just KP is left, so I gang up on her as 19 of 24 remain. Red Guardian, SMS, IW, Anti-Venom and another Silver Surfer appear, and given I am already down two I use just basics on RG as I look to setup my next attack and fall after a few more turns.

The second attack saw me start with 41.6m health remaining as my 942k power team heads in, leaving Star-Lord (T’Challa) on the bench once again. With 19 enemies left to defeat, I try to work around Red Guardian’s taunt and eventually land some big shots with Doctor Doom that also hurt $$ badly, allowing me to kill those two first. This leaves SMS, IW and Anti-Venom, and I make the mistake of leaving AV for last and he revives SMS to mess up my timing a bit. When the new enemies arrive I get around Bishop’s taunt and so right after Colleen Wing to keep her Heal Blocks minimized, and after killing her this group proves to not be too tough as 8 enemies remain. I pile on the debuffs and land a big AoE from Doom and pick the enemy apart to earn another 500k Gold and 10k Gold Orb Fragments.


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