MSF Envoy: Mysterio Kit Reveal

MSF - Mysterio

Mysterio is coming to Marvel Strike Force and is pleased to be one of the first to announce Mysterio’s kit as part of FoxNext’s Envoy program. With a basic, special and ultimate ability and a fantastic-looking passive, Mysterio looks to be another great addition to the game. Note all abilities are listed at maxed levels below. Special thanks to Alternerd Reality for the graphic they put together when this info was datamined last week.


The Ol’ One-Two – Basic Ability

  • Clear 3 positive effects from the primary target. Attack primary target for 250% damage.

Master of Illusion – Special Ability – 4 Energy

  • Apply Blind to primary target.
  • Gain an assist from a random Sinister Six ally.
  • Gain an assist from a random ally.
If target is a City Hero, apply Ability Block.

Smoke and Mirrors – Ultimate Ability – 5 Energy

  • Attack all enemies for 350% damage. Apply Heal Block to all enemies

Grand Masquerade – Passive

  • On Spawn, Apply 2 Deflect to self and all Sinister Six allies.

Gain +20% Focus for self per Spider-Verse Ally.
Spider-Verse Allies gain +20% Focus.
  • On Death, summon 2 Mirror Images at 260% of normal Damage and 150% of normal Health

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