HPWU: New Update improves QOL, Brilliant Event incoming

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A new update for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is available in the app or Google Play store with version 2.4.0 of the game ready to play. In it we learn of a new Brilliant Event that is (finally) scheduled, several bugs that have been fixed and a ton of quality of life (QoL) updates.

To start, we will finally get the Brilliant Event: Fighting Forces starting on Tuesday. This Tuesday, right? No, we have to wait even longer. I already wrote that Niantic needs to keep HPWU players engaged, but apparently they’re not worried about the boredom setting in for many players… This two-part Brilliant Event will run October 8-14 and the second part October 22-28.

On the topic of Quality of Life, the animations for Foundables can now be skipped as can the animations in Greenhouses. In addition, Portkeys can now be sped through thanks to an update to the notifications for Portkeys. Also, Sponsored Fortresses can now reward extra Spell Energy win you win a Wizarding Challenge. While other items have been addressed as well, these are a few of the highlights.

In addition to these items, several big fixes have been made. One item that has NOT been addressed continues to penalize rural players who have nice family members willing to drive them around… The game will continue to freeze at or around 50 mph when you catch a Foundable, even if you really are a passenger.

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