HPWU: Finding Gnome Confoundables for the Christmas Calamity Special Assignment

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Another Brilliant Event is here in Harry Potter Wizards Unite and with that comes yet another Special Assignment that will surely challenge players across the globe. The Christmas Calamity event is another 2-part Brilliant Event and again rewards players with green Restricted Section Books, Special Event Registry tokens, Ministry ID Portrait customizations and more.

HPWU GnomesLike previous Brilliant Events, but unlike recent Brilliant Events since the game’s launch in June 2019, there is a Special Assignment task that is not obvious at first. The third page of Special Assignments has a task that reads “Collect Yule Ball Invitations from Gnome Confoundables.” Below we take a look at some tips to help you find these Gnome Foundables in Traces across the map as part of our popular Wizards Unite questions answered series.


What are Gnome Foundables in HPWU?

My immediate thought when I read “Collect Yule Ball Invitations from Gnome Confoundables” was “what are Gnome Foundables?” As a Day One player of this game at Player Level 37, I have taken the game rather seriously, however a Gnome Foundable was not something I was sure of when I first read this task. However a bit of gameplay made it much more clear. Gnome Foundables in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite are the little guys with the horns on their heads that are found in the Weasley Clock, Acromantula Egg and other Foundables.

So to answer the question “what are Gnome Foundables?” – a Gnome Foundable is any Foundable with a Gnome guarding it. They’re actually quite prevalent on the map if you move around enough and you can always use a Tonic for Trace Detection to help lure more to you in the game. Finding these Gnomes will help you acquire the needed Yule Ball Invitations as pictured to the left to complete the third page of Special Assignment tasks for Part One of the Christmas Calamity Brilliant Event.

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