HPWU: No Brilliant Event Again? Keep us Engaged Niantic

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Now three full weeks since the end of our last Brilliant Event in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the community is starting to get antsy. After feeding us a steady diet of these special events on a regular schedule – every two weeks began a new weeklong event – we are now 3 weeks with the same content and nothing new added to the game since the addition of Dragons. While Dragons are of course a big addition, they are not exactly commonly found in-game and anyone who put decent effort in on the Day of the Dragons already has their region-specific Dragon placed, thus leaving a need for content.

Of course this past weekend was September’s Community Day, but let’s be real about this Community Day business. If you are not a very serious player you’re not spending 3 hours on a single Saturday each month with your nose in your phone in some park in town. And with only a 3 hour window for a Community Day event, as opposed to a week-long Brilliant event, this is not a very fan-friendly move by Niantic. What I can tell you is that I will be suffering through another weel-long wait of listneing to my son ask when he can get green Spell Books again as his interest in HPWU continues to wane…


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