HPWU Fan Fest: Preview & Expectations

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Since November 2017, shortly after Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was announced to be in the works by Niantic, Gaming-fans.com has been intent on covering this new game from the Wizarding World. Now that we have been playing for over two months since the global launch on June 21st, the game continues to intrigue and grow. Much like Niantic’s Pokemon Go!, HPWU is a very community-based game that encourages movement and exercise and interaction with others. Enter the idea of Community Days and Fan Festivals. Of course the fans of the game have already experienced two HPWU Community Days, held monthly thus far, and tomorrow is the first ever Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fan Festival. As my staff travels to Indianapolis, Indiana, I wanted to note a few things that we are expecting and looking forward to from the Fan Fest. Of course fans can follow along on our experiences by following @GamingFansDFN on Twitter and check back Saturday evening for a recap of our experiences.

Talking to our junior associate, 10-year old MustafarNathan, he is expecting dragons to be plentiful. His hopes are that the dragons are challenging, but still not too difficult to catch. He emphasized the desire to prestige the (expected) new Oddities page 2-3 times depending on the availability of the specific dragons.

As dyga13 has read and researched, the four types of dragons are expected, then they will be only available in specific geographic regions after the event giving Fan Fest attendees a major advantage in the game. She also read that there will be a real-life threat clock at the event and that when the clock reaches Emergency that all Wizards and Witches will have to fight the threat at the same time.

My personal hope is that the event is filled with tasks that are achievable but not tedious. How to balance too much and too little is something that I am sure the good people at Niantic have some experience with, but my intention is to have plenty to do in-game. I am hopeful that the attendees will have a plethora of options available to regenerate Spell Energy, but given the location in Downtown Indianapolis in a huge park, I doubt that will be a major concern. Other gifts, such as extra keys, special packages, etc. would be nice since of course we are all paying to attend this first-ever event.

We will gladly keep you posted on all of the happenings and try to post as many photos and get video of the in-game experiences tomorrow starting at 9 am ET once the event begins.

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