Avatar PR Commander Profile: Lunapey

Lunapey - Avatar Pandora Rising

Described in-game with “Send Lunapey to gather at Beanstalk Forests. She gives Puffball Tree a big boost when defending in battles.” An herbalist from the Tawkami clan, Lunapey is a Uncommon gatherer of Beanstalk who finds bonus Beanstalk Palm Leaves when gathering at any Beanstalk site. Because she is the lone Na’vi Commander specializing in Beanstalk in Avatar: Pandora Rising at the soft launch, Lunapey has greater value than many other commanders.



Class: Gatherer
Rarity: Uncommon
Commander Tags: Beanstalk
Synergies: Puffball Tree
Commander Talents:

  • Beanstalk Gatherer – Finds bonus Beanstalk Palm Leaf at any Beanstalk Forest, Gather Speed (+3% to +22%) at any Beanstalk Forest, Gather Skill (+15 top +90) at any Beanstalk Forest
  • Transcendence – Puffball Tree level (+2 to +34), all Troops level (+2 to +26)
  • Spirit Bloom – Travel Speed (+45% to +230%), all Towers (+2 to +30)

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