Avatar PR Commander Profile: Avarin

Avarin - Avatar Pandora Rising

Described in-game with “Use Avarin in Sacred Site battles. When placed behind heavy units, like Titanothere, her swarms on the ground and in the sky rapidly overwhelm enemy forces.” A legendary warrior from the Tipani clan, Avarin has the unique Challenger tag in Avatar: Pandora Rising, making her the lone Na’vi Commander in Avatar PR to have this tag.



Class: Warrior
Rarity: Uncommon
Commander Tags: Challenger
Synergies: Stingbat Caller, Hunting Party, Viperwolves, Titanothere, Sentinels, Arrow Storm
Commander Talents:

  • Challenger – Travel Speed (+20% to +100%), all Towers level (+1 to +33), all Troops (+1 to +13) at Sacred Sites
  • Overrun – Stingbat Caller (+2 to +26), Hunting Party (+2 to +26), Viperwolves (+2 to +26)
  • Shield Smash – Titanothere (+2 to +26), Sentinels (+2 to +26), Arrow Storm (+2 to +26)

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