Avatar PR Commander Profile: Sully

Sully - Avatar Pandora Rising

Described in-game with “Send Sully to battle RDA forces and capture resources from RDA Bases. Sully boosts multiple support powers to clear the path for his AMPs and Troopers.” The main character from the original Avatar movie, in Avatar: Pandora Rising Sully’s RDA character (not to be confused with his Na’vi faction character Jakesully) is an Uncommon Looter and the lone RDA Commander with the RDA Nemesis tag at the game’s soft launch. Sully is the anti-RDA character in the game and when used in that manner, should provide a huge advantage when used against other RDA.



Class: Soldier
Rarity: Uncommon
Commander Tags: Looter, RDA Nemesis
Synergies: AMP, Concussion Blast, Field Barracks, Gas Grenade, Missile Strike, Troopers
Commander Talents:

  • Jarhead – Loot Steal (+400 to +1,790,000), Commander Tower level (+6 to +36) versus RDA
  • Maverick – AMP (+3 to +19), Field Barracks (+3 to +19), Troopers (+3 to +19)
  • Rebel – Missile Strike (+3 to +19), Gas Grenade (+3 to +19), Concussion Blast (+3 to +19)

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