Avatar PR Commander Profile: Tur’itan

Tur'itan - Avatar Pandora Rising

Described in-game with “Send Tur’itan to hunt at any type of hunting location. He’s good at all of them.” Tur’itan is a Common hunter for the Na’vi in Avatar: Pandora Rising. Tur’itan is an early open in the game and has consistent value in the late game because he is a fast hunter of anything, making him a valuable Na’vi commander.



Class: Hunter
Rarity: Common
Commander Tags: N/A
Synergies: Viperwolves
Commander Talents:

  • Hunter – Hunt Speed (+1% to +20%) at any Hunting Site, Hunt Skill (+10 to +65) at any Hunting Site
  • Willpower – Viperwolves level (+1 to +33), all Troops level (+1 to +25)
  • Pacer – Travel Speed (+40% to +210%), all Towers level (+1 to +28)

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