Avatar PR Commander Profile: Wainfleet

Wainfleet - Avatar Pandora Rising

Described in-game with “Send Wainfleet to battle Na’vi forces and capture resources from Villages. Wainfleet protects Scorpion Gunship with heavy ground support.” One of Quaritch’s loyal followers, Wainfleet is one of the  Avatar: Pandora Rising characters seen in the original Avatar movie. For the purpose of this game, Wainfleet is the lone RDA Commander with the Na’vi Nemesis tag at the game’s soft launch.



Class: Soldier
Rarity: Rare
Commander Tags: Na’vi Nemesis
Synergies: Bunker, Gas Grenade, Ripper, RPG Squad, Scorpion Gunship, Trooper Squad
Commander Talents:

  • Strong-arm – Sentry Tower level (+3 to +25) versus Na’vi, Commander Tower level (+5 to +35) versus Na’vi, all Troops level (+2 to +14) versus Na’vi
  • Warfare – Ripper (+3 to +16), Gas Grenade (+3 to +16), RPG Squad (+3 to +16)
  • Strong-arm – Scorpion Gunship (+3 to +16), Trooper Squad (+3 to +16), Bunker (+3 to +16)

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