Avatar PR: No Sacred Site Event this Weekend

Sacred Sites - Avatar Pandora Rising

FoxNext Games, the developers behind Avatar: Pandora Rising, has announced that there will not be a Sacred Site event this weekend, October 19th. Sacred Site battles, which take place on Saturdays and pit alliances against each other for highly-coveted prizes, reached a peak last Saturday when the game had three of the possible nine Sacred Sites open for combat.

“We’re letting our new players strengthen their forces and our current players get some rest after several weeks of intense battles,” stated a FoxNext support post. With early access to the game having been granted to multiple members of our staff, we can report that Sacred Site events are intense for the alliances competing for them. They require significant cooperation and teamwork in order to gain the Honor currency and open the locked items in the store. In last weekend’s Sacred Site event the three top alliances – NN, KT and The Implanted – all came away as winners of a specific location. A Na’vi alliance, The Implanted battled continuously with multiple other alliances for nearly 6 hours before finally scoring the prize.

Avatar: Pandora Rising, the newest mobile title from FoxNext games in Los Angeles, is available for download on Android and iOS in Canada, the Philippines and New Zealand and is expected to be released to all players across the globe in 2020. Players get the opportunity to live on Pandora and play in the large social world that includes the Na’vi and RDA factions.

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