Avatar PR Commander Profile: Augustine

Augustine - Avatar Pandora Rising

Described in-game with “Send Augustine to gather at Atlas Beetle Jungles. She gives Hornet Scout a big boost when defending in battles.” One of the main characters for the RDA in the original Avatar movie, Augustine is the leading Xenobiologist and Xenoanthropologist on Pandora and head of the RDA Avatar program. In Avatar: Pandora Rising, Augustine has the Swift and Atlas Beetle tags making her faster at traveling to any gathering site while specializing in Atlas Beetle in the game. While her role in the movie was quite important, she appears to be one of the best Scientists in APR which we will evaluate further in our upcoming best RDA commanders series.



Class: Scientist
Rarity: Epic
Commander Tags: Swift, Atlas Beetle
Synergies: Hornet Scout
Commander Talents:

  • Mentor – Find bonus Atlas Carapace at solo Atlas Beetle Jungle, Gather Speed (+12% to +40%) at solo Atlas Beetle Jungle, Gather Skill (+40 to +150) at solo Atlas Beetle Jungle
  • Excellence – Travel Speed (+50% to +250%), all Troops level (+4 to +30), Hornet Scout level (+7 to +45)
  • Honor – Find bonus Atlas Carapace at Atlas Beetle Rally Sites, Gather Speed (+20% to +40%) at Atlas Beetle Rally sites, Gather Skill (+75 to +150) at Atlas Beetle Rally sites

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