MSF: Best Iso-8 Class for Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon - MSF

Welcome to the Iso-8 guide for Rocket Raccoon, the latest in our series about the popular game Marvel Strike Force. In this series we look at the best Iso-8 enhancements for MSF characters. While some may refer to Iso-8 as simply “mods” like in other mobile games, we will look to stay true to the naming convention of the Marvel universe and the developers over at Scopely. We at certainly do not claim to have all of the answers in this game, but we do our research and look to use every hero and villain we write about extensively. These are Iso-8 recommendations based on the character’s kit and actual gameplay to help you in your quest to dominate in Marvel Strike Force. Note that these Iso-8 classes may differ from one team makeup to another, so feel free use this as guide knowing that these can change in differing situations within MSF’s gameplay.

Today’s character to review is Rocket Raccoon. One of the stars of the Guardians of the Galaxy series, Rocket Raccoon is a Hero, Cosmic, Tech, Blaster, Guardian character in Marvel Strike Force with a nice synergy with Groot. Let’s take a look at the stats we want to focus on enhancing when Iso-8 modifications are added to the game.

Main Focus: Offense/Damage. Rocket Raccoon is a very good character in Marvel Strike Force and has a ton of value as a damage dealer. He fits well on Tech teams for Raids as well as Guardian teams and is typically the primary damage dealer on any team. Because he deals very good Damage already, boost the power of his Maximum Damage AoE attack and his other attacks by adding even more Damage to Rocket Raccoon to enhance this strength of his kit.

Additional Areas to Focus: Health, Critical Chance and Critical Damage. Critical Chance and Critical Damage are only going to add to the Offense/Damage mentioned above, and added Health or Defense can help him stay alive.


Ideal Iso-8 Class for Rocket Raccoon in Marvel Strike Force:

Now that we know how Iso-8 works in Marvel Strike Force, as a progression system with some customization for the characters, we can see that all characters gain Max Health at levels 2 and 4 in addition to the more custom stats. That having been said, the Iso-8 class that fits Rocket Raccoon best is the Raider class. Raiders see gains in CC and CD as you level up which fits his highly offensive kit nicely on any team he is a part of. In addition, Raiders can apply up to 3 Vulnerable Iso-8 debuffs when they score critical hits, so given Rocket has two attacks that hit multiple enemies, the Raider class is a perfect fit.


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