SWGoH: Final Galactic Legend Requirements Announced, Still No Character Kits

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Capital Games provided their version of content this evening in the form of more words and announcements, and while we now know all of the requirements for the Galactic Legend event requirements now, we still know little about the characters we are getting in-game. This latest round of forum posts included the announcement of eight required characters for the first ever Galactic Legend events, multiple pats on the back for their creative team, two blatant typos/errors and zero character kit reveals. Here is a look at each of these:


The eight required characters added to the list for the first ever Galactic Legend events…

For Galactic Legend Rey:

  • Resistance Hero Poe, Relic 5
  • BB-8, Relic 7
  • Veteran Smuggler Chewbacca, Relic 3
  • Raddus, 5 Stars

For Galactic Legend Kylo Ren:

  • General Hux, Relic 5
  • First Order TIE Pilot, Relic 3
  • Emperor Palpatine, Relic 7
  • Finalizer, 5 Stars


The over-the-top love for their (incredibly talented) creative team…

See the final 60% of the State of the Galaxy post here.


The two blatant typosSWGoH - CG Typos SWGoH - CG Typos/errors are below…

I do want to add the following – I have asked to help Capital Games with their communications no less than 10 times over the past few years only to be either ignored or brushed aside by Capital Games at some point in the process. A misspelling of Ahsoka Tano’s Protective Maneuver special (back in 2017) is the lone time the company seems to have paid any attention to my suggestions. I also bit my tongue while these errors were published for nearly two years, finally publicly calling them out last May and then getting called out for it by one of the devs in our former GameChangers chat. At the end of the day this is not difficult – it just takes more effort and another trained professional to look over these communications. As long as CG continues to put out communications like these above and those mentioned from the past, it will continue to make them appear unprofessional.

03.11 @ 7:37 am – I just found this post about an incorrect title and description for one of their packs. Just add it to the list…



Finally, we still have nothing in terms of kits on the new Galactic Legend characters. Players are, by their own choice, spending their hard-earned money and hours upon hours of time chasing these new characters and working toward meeting the (over-the-top and utterly wasteful) Galactic Legend requirements. But, with the events scheduled for “later this month” we still do not know, on March 10th, what abilities they will even have.

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