TFEW: HQ 17, Z-Energon, Elimination Mode all playable

TFEW - Z-Energon

As indicated earlier this month, Transformers: Earth Wars has a lot of new content that became playable today. With these changes we have a new farmable resource in Z-Energon, which “can be obtained from the new Elimination game mode and from some War Leagues. This new currency will be used to upgrade the top tier levels of your Buildings and lvl 60+ Bots.”

So what does this mean for TFEW players? The first thing I noticed in battles today was that the boards are more difficult to beat, despite still showing the old 4300, 5500, 7500, 10500, etc. levels. Of course using your bots only once means you need to be perfect on your attacks to maximize your Z-Energon, and hitting Zone 13 (7,500 recommended power, 10,000 Z-Energon reward) is a big jump up in rewards from winning in Zone 12 (5,500 recommended power, 2,000 Z-Energon reward).

Another takeaway is that with roster depth now playing a bigger role in the game, this means we can no longer only place Power Cores on our top bots. For example, I rarely place them on any bot below 3-stars and many of my 3-star bots do not have them. Knowing the value of Power Cores in Transformers: Earth Wars is important as they enhance your bots and their statistics. Now that these bots will be used in a game mode that has significant value, adding more Power Core depth is a focus of mine.

For reference, here is a look back at the info we received in the March 4, 2020 email:

Upgraded Buildings
All the defensive and resource buildings will get an extra upgrade level. In addition, HQ 17 will unlock one extra Beam Laser and one extra Missile Launcher buildings to give you an edge in defense.

Research Lab Extra Slot
An extra research slot can be unlocked in the Research Lab to upgrade 2 bots at the same time. The Research Lab will also get a recolour to match the style of your base.

Bots Level 65
4-Star and 5-Star Bots can now be upgraded up to level 65 giving them a stats boost.

Player Rank Level 90
Earn Rank Points to upgrade your Player Rank and unlock tons of Cyber Coins and 4-Star Shards Rewards

More Ability Points
HQ 17 will allow you to use more abilities than ever before! Increase ability points cap to 40 and get 32 ability points at the start of each battle.

Extended Battle Time
Unlocking HQ 17 will increase your Available Battle Time by 30 seconds up to 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Applies to all types of battles.

Battle Zone 15 and Prime Zone
New Zones have been added and are accessible with a Scanner Upgrade. Zone 15 will feature the most challenging HQ 16 bases and the newly introduced HQ 17 bases.

Also with Prime Zone players can try the Prime League effects by attacking Zone 15 bases with those effects active.

Zone Rebalance
With the introduction of the new zones we have also rebalanced the existing zones, and how we calculate the defensive power of a base. Now Bots and combiners assigned on outposts will be taken into consideration in a base’s power.

Balancing War Leagues
With the introduction of the new HQ we want to protect certain war leagues from facing the full strength of those bases.  In order to do this we will be reducing the max HP and DPS of any HQ 17 buildings in the Caminus league and below. Also HQ 16 buildings will become weaker in Platinum league and below and HQ 15 buildings in Gold League and below.

Increased XP
We have increased how much XP you gain from battles! All HQ 14 buildings and below will give double the XP they used too. Also HQ 15 and above buildings will be giving even bigger XP increase making battles in the top zones more rewarding.

Elimination Game Mode

Alongside HQ 17 we will be introducing a new single Player PVP mode, accessible from the Battle button. This mode will only be active between Tuesday 10:00 AM UTC and Friday 10:00 AM UTC.

In this new game mode you can spend Fuel Cells to battle other players and obtain Z-Energon and increased XP. You can use each of your bots just once so be careful when selecting your winning squad! Every week your available bots will reset.

Z-Energon can be obtained from the new Elimination game mode and from some War Leagues. This new currency will be used to upgrade the top tier levels of your Buildings and lvl 60+ Bots!

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