Coronavirus, & the effect on the Mobile Gaming Industry

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Undoubtedly, you have heard that this Coronavirus (Covid-19) thing is a big deal. While many have their own personal thoughts and opinions, since 99% of those who read this are not doctors and experts on the topic, we can keep those opinions out of this article. But the Coronavirus is real and it is impacting our lives in differing way, so how will it impact and the Mobile Gaming industry?

HPWU Cancels Community DayTo begin, the good thing about a site like and our friends who create YouTube videos, other sites, etc., is that we’re all using digital mediums to communicate which is of course safe from all of this crazy in the world around us. However let us not think for a second that this is not impacting the Mobile Gaming community. Here are some of the items to consider:

  • More time at home and more time with kids (since we know a large portion of mobile game players are parents) means more time on digital devices
  • Fewer entertainment options (no NBA, NCAA Tournament, local and school sports, theater, plays, etc.), which again means more time on digital devices
  • Self-employed parents who work at home will undoubtedly be impacted greatly with their kids now at home – this could mean a huge uptick in younger audiences playing mobile games in the coming weeks
  • Outdoor-focused games like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Pokemon Go! have already cancelled events including the March Community Day event from HPWU pictured above

These are just a few things to consider as the Coronavirus runs its course and we try to avoid it as best we can. In my personal situation, we live in Ohio, a state that has basically shut down despite only 5 cases reported. While playing mobile games and writing about them is certainly not seen as work by many, I can tell you that having my family home will make things rather interesting. That having been said, my family’s vacation plans have been cancelled which will open up my next two weeks to provide more coverage of the Galactic Legend event as we prepare to see what Capital Games has in store for us in SWGoH.

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