TFEW: Best Power Cores for Windblade & Divebomb

TFEW - Transformers Earth Wars

Welcome to the latest in our series of articles about the Transformers Earth Wars mobile game where we take a look at the best Power Cores for each Transformers Earth Wars bot. While our staff will never claim to have all of the answers for TFEW, we do our homework and test out each bot to ensure we are making only the best recommendations.

Windblade and Divebomb are a set of special class bots that are near clones of each other with their abilities, but have different stats. Windblade has a whopping 30% increase in HP over her counterpart at similar levels, while Divebomb has about a 10% advantage in DPS. In fact, Divebomb and Springer / Astrotrain have identical HP / DPS stats. The Quick Strike ability puts these bots into the the thick of the battle, so maintaining HP is important! So, which core fits these bots best? Do their HP differences make all that much of a difference to the cores we choose?


Best Power Core for Windblade & Divebomb:

Best Core: Attack Core – The best core for these bots is probably the Attack Core. Though the Vitality or Rejuvinate cores might give them the boost they need for a bit longer survival in the heat of battle, Windblade and Divebomb not having the ability to finish the job sometimes with their one shot means that their attacking ability should be boosted. They tend to be on a “one way” trip into the enemy’s base, so equipping them with something that reflects that, such as the Attack Core or event Vitality or Rejuvenate to improve survivability would be some of the better options for these bots.

Other Power Core Options: Vitality or Rejuvenate


By LastRaven Guest Writer

Special thanks to Rae from the Primes Gone Wild Alliance for adding to this article

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