SWGoH: The Good and The Bad of Galactic Legends

Galactic Legend Rey - SWGoH

Now that we have had almost a month to digest the addition of Galactic Legends in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, I wanted to take the time to give my honest, unfiltered assessment of this game mode. As many have read, I was able to unlock Galactic Legend Rey in early April and have been using her extensively while slowly waiting to add her Ultimate ability. But while many of my thoughts were stated in my live blog/walkthrough of the Galactic Legend event for Rey, I wanted to make sure that I highlight both the good and the bad aspects of the event. Interestingly enough I was also invited to fill out a survey in-game last night after logging in where I expressed many of these same thoughts.


Galactic Legends in SWGoH – The Good

  1. New Content – New content is new content, even if it is for the top 5% of the game (or less). This is a game that has dried out tremendously, so having anything new is a huge plus.
  2. New Graphics, Characters and Scenes – There’s no joking in my mentioning the graphics for the Galactic Legend event as I feel that the studio did a very good job on the new scenes we get on Kijimi, the split-scene between Rey and Kylo from Episode 9 and the scene inside the Death Star wreckage. In addition, Rey’s in-game graphics are a step up from the previous Rey characters, along with Jyn Erso and Sabine Wren, the last of which appears in-game with an apparent birth defect.
  3. Communication Improvements – Communication dropped off between Capital Games and the community at three main points – 1) When the GameChanger program basically died in October 2018, 2) after CG screwed up and leaked their own Darth Revan info in early 2019 and 3) when Carrie was removed as the Lead Producer of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes in July 2019. One thing is certain – Galactic Legends being released piece by piece (which I did not mind) definitely improved the frequency of the studio’s communication with the community.

Galactic Legends in SWGoH – The Bad

  1. Limitation of New Content – Yes, we technically got “new content.” But as I said above, this is a game that has dried out tremendously and creating new content for 5% (or less) of the players of SWGoH may make sense in the short term financially from whale and kraken funds, but it is also going to hurt the game in the long-term as the vast majority of the players of SWGoH have seen almost nothing new in the game in 6+ months. For those not yet fighting the Geonosis Territory Battle map there has been almost nothing new for a year.
  2. Lack of New Graphics, Characters and Scenes – While Capital Games continues to tout their (talented) graphic designers, there just was not enough of their expertise added in the Galactic Legends in my opinion. I believe we added just three scenes – the Kijimi scene in Tiers I & II, the split-scene between Rey and Kylo from Episode 9 in Tier III and the scene inside the Death Star wreckage which was (over)used in Tiers IV, V and VI.
  3. Rock, Paper Scissors – This is not the biggest head-scratcher in the first round of Galactic Legend events, but it certainly is near the top. How the heck this idea came up and was actually approved by people earning a wage making a multi-million dollar mobile game is beyond me. Worst. Combat. Idea. Ever. For suggestions on how to improve this just watch an AhnaldT101 video.
  4. Unused Required Characters – I have nearly written an opinion piece on Capital Games adding to the hatred centered around Kelly Marie Tran’s character Rose Tico, but I continued to hold back until today. CG originally said they would not require Relics on all of the required characters to qualify for the original Galactic Legends, and then backed off and decided that they would require Relics. It is well known that Kelly Marie Tran has suffered an unfortunate fate from her being a part of the Star Wars Universe (thanks to Rian Johnson’s use of her character in The Last Jedi), but CG had a chance to avoid adding to this hatred and negativity. As we all know, Rose Tico in SWGoH is, well, garbage. Unfortunately greed won out and CG didn’t go with a Relic 1 or Relic 3 requirement, but a Relic 5 requirement for a character that few players will ever get any use out of. At least Holdo has a Capital Ship and the Veteran Smugglers have some decent Scoundrel synergies (and now have the Resistance tag), but Rose Tico remains a bottom of the barrel character in SWGoH. Shame on you Capital Games – you had a chance to show leadership and that you have an idea of the atmosphere in the Star Wars Universe and you instead went for more $$$. This says a lot about your leadership and the decisions that emanate from your offices.
  5. Tier IV and V Rewards – Tiers I, II and III all have rewards any player is happy to receive. Tiers IV and V grant rewards that are utter crap. Saving up Light Side Currency for days only to receive a portrait as a reward is a terrible idea and is nothing but a bad stall tactic. Do better CG. You’re getting paid to do this – all we ask is that you give us the illusion that we are actually earning something of value. Tiers IV and V are nothing more than a waste of time for crap rewards.

This rounds out my thoughts. I have more that I could say, but my goal was not to be too overly negative in this opinion piece and while I could beat a dead horse, why spend any more time on it? I am hopeful that the recent surveys CG sent in-game will provide similar feedback that the company will actually take action on, but to be perfectly honest I am not going to hold my breath after seeing 4+ months produce this…

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