MSF: Using Symbiotes & Vision to counter Asgardians in Marvel Strike Force

MSF - Symbiotes, Vision & Shuri

Symbiotes, Shuri & Vision

Symbiotes & Vision have been determined to be a solid way to counter Asgardians in Alliance War. Below we take a look at how this team can stop those annoying Asgardians.


Team Composition – Carnage, Spider-Man (Symbiote), Venom, Vision and Shuri/Drax

Gameplay/Kill Order – The opening move will be Carnage’s ultimate which needs to land on Thor. Then Spider-Man (Symbiote) uses his special on Greg (the Undead Asgardian) which gets turn meter going. Next you want to see an Ability Block land on Sif with either Venom (preferred) or Vision. This prevents Sif from taunting and making herself the target. Keep hitting Thor until he is stealthed, but DO NOT hit Thor with the Carnage special as that will remove the negative effects and if it doesn’t kill him you could be in trouble. When Loki uses his ultimate and puts stealth on everyone, you will be forced to attack the summoned Lokis unless your Vision is still alive. If he is his, ultimate will remove stealth and then it’s a very easy fight. If he isn’t alive use any attack with splash damage to chip away at the stealth characters. Once Thor gets a turn he should drop from the bleeds. Any chance to spread effects with Venom is always a good idea. Once Thor drops it’s a matter of attacking the non-stealth Gregs that get summoned and splash damage should take out Loki. Then wait until the rest are not stealthed and pick them off one at a time. I typically save Hela for last just because it seems easier. If Sif taunts she will just heal up anyway.


Last updated: 2020/09/18
Written by: koneheff

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