MSF: Best Iso-8 for Scream

Scream - MSF

Welcome to the Iso-8 guide for Scream, the latest in our series about the popular game Marvel Strike Force. In this series we look at the best Iso-8 enhancements for MSF characters. While some may refer to Iso-8 as simply “mods” like in other mobile games, we will look to stay true to the naming convention of the Marvel universe and the developers over at Scopely. We at certainly do not claim to have all of the answers in this game, but we do our research and look to use every hero and villain we write about extensively. These are Iso-8 recommendations based on the character’s kit and actual gameplay to help you in your quest to dominate in Marvel Strike Force. Note that these Iso-8 classes may differ from one team makeup to another, so feel free use this as guide knowing that these can change in differing situations within MSF’s gameplay.

Today’s character to review is Scream. A key member of the Symbiote team, for the purposes of MSF, Scream is a Villain, City, Bio, Controller, Metamorphosis, Aspiring, Masked Caper and a member of the Spider-Verse and Symbiote factions. Let’s take a look at the stats we want to focus on enhancing now that Iso-8 modifications have been added to Marvel Strike Force.

Main Focus: Scream will take the third turn in a team of Symbiotes if no buffs or debuffs change the turn order, and is a Controller and is not designed to be the main damage-dealer on this team. Because Scream can apply debuffs with all three of her attacks, Focus is the main stat to enhance first via Iso-8, and added Health is never a bad idea with the Symbiote characters either.  


Ideal Iso-8 Class for Scream in Marvel Strike Force:

When putting the five Symbiote characters in Marvel Strike Force together there are a few ways to use Iso-8 to enhance their already awesome synergy. For Scream, she will take the third turn in this lineup, immediately following Spider-Man (Symbiote). Since we are already recommending using Carnage (turn #1) as a Skirmisher and Spider-Man (Symbiote) as a Striker (turn #2), having Scream add more Vulnerable Iso-8 status effects in turn #3 seems wise. This then leaves the Skirmisher or Raider class as the options for Scream, and I would recommend that you choose what works best for your gameplay. Personally, I am using Scream as a Raider given all three of her attacks have the potential to hit multiple targets, thus allowing for more chances at critical hits. Boosting her Raider class level will increase her CC and land more Vulnerable debuffs for Anti-Venom and Venom to exploit before we start the whole process all over again.

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