SWGoH: Moff Gideon now Farmable & my favorite Packs are back in the Store

SWGoH - Gear Completion Bundles

A game update that took place this evening was referred to by EA Capital Games with “Today’s Update changes Moff Gideon and Armorer’s availability along with several bug fixes.” While this sums it up perfectly, here is a look at what is new:

  1. Moff Gideon is now farmable on Cantina 4-E where he has replaced the IG-86 Sentinel Droid
  2. The Armorer is now available in Chromium Packs and Shipments
  3. A bunch of bug fixes were made – here is a complete list from CG
  4. My favorite packs are back in the store – the Gear Completion bundles. I reviewed the Gear Completion Bundles in SWGoH back in November as it appears they come once a quarter, and in fairness, if CG really wanted money from the whales this is an easy once for them as I feel these packs are possibly the best value in the game for PTPers like myself.

That is all for now. Unfortunately CG is starting off 2021 a lot like 2020’s first 9 months – very little to talk about or really get excited about along with vague promises of more to come. It still amazes me how little attention this billion dollar game gets, but in fairness, we allow this as a community…

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