SWGoH: March Calendar Released, Dark Troopers coming to Galaxy of Heroes?

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Capital Games has released the March SWGoH events calendar which is packed full of events for the players, but one item sticks out – the repeated use of Imperial Troopers in the upcoming Galactic Challenge events. In December and January the Galactic Challenges alternated with the (thus far unimpressive) Mandalorian faction and a rotation of other factions, and while nothing has been announced or released yet, the rotation of factions including the Imperial Troopers throughout the month is a real eye-opener. Speculation on Reddit and from YouTuber AhnaldT101 already points toward a new Imperial Trooper addition in the game – likely the Dark Trooper – as the reason for the focus on this faction. Over the past two months the Mandalorian faction was the focus with Beskar Mando needed to reach the top prizes and it is quite possible that CG would add the Dark Trooper as a Marquee character and immediately work him into the Galactic Challenge Feats to encourage spending. Of course nothing has been announced yet, so this is just speculation.

While the SWGoH calendar does not include other notables, we do expect the opening of the Conquest game mode on March 1st. Typically this game mode will occur once a month, but it sounds like March will feature two exhibition Conquest events, both lasting about 2 weeks. If all goes according to plan, Gaming-fans.com will feature a live blog of our experiences in the Conquest game mode and will update them daily.

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