SWGoH: Rumors are true as Dark Trooper is set to join Galaxy of Heroes

Dark Trooper - SWGoH

Rumors were swirling when the March 2021 SWGoH calendar of events was released late last month that the Dark Trooper would be added to SWGoH soon, and yesterday EA Capital Games confirmed those rumors. As such, the newest playable character in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes will be the Dark Trooper, available to open on Thursday, March 4, 2021 through a Marquee Event. Like all Marquee characters, Dark Trooper will unlock at 3-stars, with packs available to purchase to push the character to 4-stars for $10-20 USD. Additional data cards to earn shards of the Dark Trooper will also be available. The Dark Trooper is a Dark Side Attacker, with the obvious Empire and Droid tags, but is also an Imperial Trooper and joins a new faction called the Imperial Remnant. Other additions to the Imperial Remnant faction include Moff Gideon, Stormtrooper and Death Trooper, the latter two have had slight updates to their kits to add more synergy. More info on the Dark Trooper in SWGoH, including our Best Mods article, will be posted to the site in the coming days.

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