SWGoH GameChangers: Range Trooper coming to Galaxy of Heroes

SWGoH - Range Trooper

The newest addition to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and the final new character from SOLO: A Star Wars Story is the Range Trooper. Complete with crazy boots and furry shoulders, the Range Trooper joins the Imperial Trooper and Empire factions and has an interesting kit that will be a nice boost of support for any squad he is used in. Let’s take a look at his kit below.


SWGoH - Imperial Troopers w/Range TrooperUNIT NAME: Range Trooper
CATEGORIES: Empire, Imperial Trooper, Support
Aggressive Empire Support that provide other Imperial Trooper allies with Assist chance




FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy. This attack deals 30% more damage if Range trooper is buffed.

Special 1: STEADY (Cooldown 3)

FINAL TEXT: All Empire allies gain Protection Up (40%) for 3 turns. All Imperial Trooper allies Recover 30% Protection and gain Retribution for 3 turns. Then, another random ally attacks and Range trooper assists them.

FINAL TEXT: Range Trooper has +70% Tenacity while he is buffed. While Range Trooper is active, Imperial Trooper allies have +50% chance to call another buffed Imperial Trooper ally to Assist when they use an ability during their turn, doing 20% less damage.

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