MSF: Best Iso-8 for Mystique

Mystique - MSF

Welcome to the Iso-8 guide for Mystique, the latest in our series about the popular game Marvel Strike Force. In this series we look at the best Iso-8 enhancements for MSF characters. While some may refer to Iso-8 as simply “mods” like in other mobile games, we will look to stay true to the naming convention of the Marvel universe and the developers over at Scopely. We at certainly do not claim to have all of the answers in this game, but we do our research and look to use every hero and villain we write about extensively. These are Iso-8 recommendations based on the character’s kit and actual gameplay to help you in your quest to dominate in Marvel Strike Force. Note that these Iso-8 classes may differ from one team makeup to another, so feel free use this as guide knowing that these can change in differing situations within MSF’s gameplay.

Today’s character to review is Mystique. Originally a key member of the Brotherhood team that dominated MSF in earlier days, Mystique is now one of the members of the popular Emmarauders team. Mystique is a Villain, Global, Mutant, Controller, Nocturnal in Marvel Strike Force and a member of the Brotherhood and Marauders factions. Let’s take a look at the stats we want to focus on enhancing now that Iso-8 modifications have been added to MSF.

Main Focus: For Mystique, you want a blend of stat enhancements. She does not hit super hard, she is certainly not a tank, but she is good at avoiding attacks with Stealth and Evade. As a result adding more survivability in the forms of Health & Defense will benefit her kit, and added offense is never a bad thing. Note popular MSF Alliance War counters use Power Armor with Ultron or the Fantastic 4 with Ultron, and keeping Mystique strong with lots of buffs makes these counters even more difficult to pull off.


Ideal Iso-8 Class for Mystique in Marvel Strike Force:

Like almost every character in Marvel Strike Force, Iso-8 classes are based on the character’s kit and what team comps they are used with. For the Emmarauders, we are recommending to use Emma Frost as a Striker thanks to Mobile Gamer’s video on his Oh Em Gee channel and Sabertooth as a Skirmisher as a result. I also recommend using Stryfe as a Fortifier to make him as annoyingly tanky as possible, leaving room for Mystique to check in as either a Skirmisher or Raider. I tend to recommend characters with enhanced Critical Chance or Critical Damage in their kit as Raiders, and since Mystique does not have this I like the Skirmisher class for her the most. Adding more Vulnerable Iso-8 status effects to the enemies is never a bad thing and can really be taken advantage of at the higher Iso-8 levels, so having Mystique and Sabertooth spreading these for Emma Frost to exploit will certainly make things difficult for your enemies.


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