MSF: Dark Dimension IV Walkthrough & Live Blog – Mission #3

MSF - Dark Dimension 4

Dark Dimension IV: Embrace Your Doom is the ultimate endgame content in Marvel Strike Force in 2021, and I begin fighting it today after completing the first mission in one attack and the second mission in just three attacks. While I admit that this team (below) may not be an ideal team makeup for this game mode, I am going to live blog my daily attempts as I look to defeat the Dark Dimension and and unlock Doctor Doom.


My Dark Dimension IV: Embrace Your Doom eligible characters:

  • Namor – 161,533 power, Level 80, Gear 15, Ability Levels 7-7-7-5 – 7 Stars, 7 Red Stars – Iso-8 Striker, Level 4
  • Ebony Maw – 151,053 power, Level 80, Gear 15, Abilities Levels 7-7-7-5 – 7 Stars, 6 Red Stars – Iso-8 Skirmisher, Level 5
  • Yellow Jacket – 131,388 power, Level 80, Gear 15, Ability Levels 7-7-7-5 – 6 Stars, 6 Red Stars – Iso-8 Striker, Level 4
  • Ghost – 124,822 power, Level 80, Gear 15, Ability Levels 7-7-7-5 – 6 Stars, 5 Red Stars – Iso-8 Skirmisher, Level 5
  • Stature – 107,366 power, Level 80, Gear 15, Ability Levels 6-7-7-5 – 7 Stars, 4 Red Stars – Iso-8 Healer, Level 5
  • Punisher – 145,582 power, Level 80, Gear 15, Ability Levels 7-7-7-5 – 7 Stars, 6 Red Stars – Iso-8 Striker, Level 5

Notes: I have Yellow Jacket as an Iso Striker over the Raider class I suggest in the best Iso-8 for Yellow Jacket article, and after the first two missions I have made the same change with Namor as well. Thanos is Gear 14 +5, so he will likely be the next eligible character on my roster and both Wasp and Ant-Man are major focuses needed 3 pieces of gear each.


Dark Dimension IV: Embrace Your Doom – Mission 3

04.02.21 – I begin Mission #3 after three days of fighting Mission #2 and seeing tremendous success in the updates I made to the Iso-8 class of Yellow Jacket for this game mode, so I have made the same change with Namor, making both Strikers.

To the battle, Wasp is the boss here and 38 enemies tally a total of 49.3m health opposite by team that stacks up with 676k power. Ant-Man and Wasp head up this team as the supercharged bad guys as 8 enemies are on-screen including Black Bolt, who quickly becomes my main focus. After taking an entire round of enemy hits and surviving, Ebony Maw heals the team up ass I continue to work this group down. After a second wave of enemy attacks I am stuck behind a Captain America taunt, and now the turns are all over the place thanks to Ant-Man’s Slow debuff that plagues me. I take our BB finally, the first to die, then work on Ant-Man until YJ finishes him off. A Ghost ultimate helps me remove two more and 34 enemies remain. I kill Wasp, then Ghost Rider, then Elsa Bloodstone and leave Cap for the last of this wave of enemies. Now at 30 enemies left, another group of 8 appear with Mordo, Baron Zemo and Black Bolt as the supercharged bad guys. I go right after Black Bolt and have Stature taunt immediately and after a round of attacks I lose Stature just before Namor takes out Black Bolt. A Ghost ultimate kills Mordo after YJ sets that attack up, then I lose Ebony Maw. YJ kills Shocker after taking some hits, and Namor is able to finish Crossbones as 4 remain on-screen with 26 enemies left. YJ does some crazy good offensive stuff, then I lose Namor just before killing Zemo to advance. With 22 enemies left to beat, 8 arrive to kill my two remaining with Elsa Bloodstone and Green Goblin as the supercharged two. I start with a Ghost ultimate and this ends up being my lone attack on this group as the next 15+ attacks are taken by the enemies as they finish me off with 22 enemies remaining with a total of 26.6m health. Not a bad day’s work…


04.03.21 – Checking in once again attack 676k power, my team goes to work on day two of this battle. 22 enemies remain with 8 on-screen and I take 6 hits before I get my first turn, then after taking a turn Captain America taunts. I place a Vulnerable on him with Ghost and clear the taunt with Ebony Maw, then go to work on Scarlet Witch due to her healing power in this game mode. I take a lot of hits, but manage to stay alive, finally killing SW with a Ghost ultimate as 21 ememies remain. Ebony Maw heals the team as I start to work on the supercharged enemies, Elsa Bloodstone and Green Goblin. I take out Elsa thanks to Namor’s new Striker Iso-8 class, then Yellow Jacket kills Cap with his ultimate. Now at 19 enemies left, reinforcements arrive to complicate things, but I am able to kill off Baron Zemo and Green Goblin in successive turns to bring it to 17 left. Vulture goes down from another Ghost ultimate as I start to work on Mordo after already suffering from his Heal Block. A well-place YJ ultimate kills Karnak and Mordo and 14 enemies remain with Ghost Rider, Black Bolt and Shocker on-screen. Expecting reinforcements to arrive, I work on BB first to avoid dealing with him for longer, but it turns out that I pick these three off one-by-one to get the enemy count to 11, where the reinforcements actually do arrive. In this group I face 8 on-screen enemies with Crystal and Crossbones as the supercharged two. I lay some hits on Scarlet Witch and survive a Crossbones explosion and take some hits to severely weaken my team. However with two in red health and one in yellow, Ebony Maw is up with his heal and saves the day, for the moment. YJ follows with a basic to kill Scarlet Witch and my focus shifts to Crossbones. I survive another explosion and get him to red health just before Captain America taunts, but YJ kills him and a Ghost ultimate kills Crossbones to bring the enemy tally to 8, as the final reinforcements arrive. Now the final 8 enemies are all on-screen and I look to take out the original enemies from this group to improve my odds. I kill Baron Zemo, then work down Shocker, Crystal and Karnak, despite taking a ton of hits. Crystal goes down thanks to a counter attack and YJ’s ultimate kills Karnak allowing for Ebony Maw too finish Elsa as 3 enemies remain – Green Goblin, Vulture and Ghost Rider. I have Namor in yellow health and Ebony Maw in red with the other three looking pretty good as I look to come out of this battle with all five of my characters if at all possible. While GR is my focus, a Ghost ultimate makes it silly not to kill Vulture, so I do so and we’re down to two. Specials from YJ and Ghost weaken GR tremendously, and I kill him just before Ebony Maw heals the team. Now it is just a matter of resetting cooldowns by using basics as I eventually get the win with a reward of 300k gold and 10k Gold Orb Fragments.



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