SWGoH: Should I Buy the Omicron Material Bundle – The Worst Deal in SWGoH History?

Omicron Bundle - SWGoH

Gaming Fans is back today with the next installment of the Should I Buy series where I review bundles and packs in the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Store and advise you, the public and SWGoH community, on whether you should buy them or not. Often times when these articles are written I leave it up to the buyer, indicating the pros on cons of the bundle and I make a strong argument for buying the pack. Sometimes I am not as enthusiastic, but I write because it helps me justify my own expense on the game, however today will be different. Today I will be writing about a bundle that I will not be purchasing because, well to be honest, it is terrible. So terrible that the Omicron Material Bundle currently priced at $39.99 (USD) in the Store may be the worst deal in SWGoH history. First, here is what is in this pack:

  • 1 million credits
  • 3 Omicron Materials
  • 3 Zeta Materials
  • 50 Mk 1, 40 Mk 2 & 30 Mk 3 Ability Materials
  • Relic Materials: 20-15-10-5-5-2 and 15-10-5

So why is this such a bad deal? To start, it is called the Omicron Material Bundle and has just 3 of Omicrons materials included. Given you need 20 of them to perform an ability upgrade, just like Zeta Materials, offering us a pack for $40 that includes just 15% of what we need is silly. Secondly, there are no Relic 8 or Relic 9 materials included, and the overall number of Relic materials is poor. In addition, for newer players who need Zeta materials, this doesn’t really help them either. In fact, this package does nothing to really help anyone who spends money in this game. Price this at $20 and you are likely to sell far more than twice as many Capital Games, but at this price the value is terrible.

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