Omicron Ability Review & Recommendations – November 2021

Omicron Abilities - SWGoH

Omicron materials and abilities are the newest addition to Start Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Unlike Zeta materials before them, which were effective in all aspects of the game, Omicron abilities are, at least to start, situational, thus enhancing specific characters in specific game modes. While this may change over time, at the time of this writing, I feel there is a gap in the value of these early Omicron abilities. While we may not update this monthly, we will look to offer additional articles like this one in the future with updates to how these Omicron abilities evolve in the game as new abilities are introduced on other characters.


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Best Omicron Abilities – November 2021

Captain Phasma’s leader ability upgrade grants her +100 Speed, grants additional chance for an ally to assist, adds Health & Protection recovery and adds stacking Offense in Territory Wars. Sign me up!

Dash Rendar’s leader ability is quite simple – “While in Grand Arena: If an ally loses Prepared, they gain Prepared.” While this will likely be an effective use of a Omicron, I personally do not care enough about the GAC and the stagnating rewards in that game mode at this time to prioritize this over Captain Phasma above.


Worst Omicron Abilities – November 2021

Is it any wonder that Rose Tico is the worst of the bunch? At the time of this writing just 3 Omicron abilities are available in-game and of course, poor Rose is 3rd out of 3 on the list. Kelly Marie Tran will likely get hate mail and negative tweets even for this…

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